Joe Seta

I have been continually re-inventing myself, until now

About Me

General Manager of The Sequoia Room for North Coast Brewing Co. I've got music in my genes - my great grandfather was an internationally renowned classical violin soloist and a contemporary of Brahms, my grandfather was a classical conductor/cellist (Cincinnati, Madison, Interlochen), and my parents could barely carry a tune in a bucket. I studied MANY instruments but what was passed down to me was the appreciation and the ears. I was a recording engineer (k d lang, Rickie Lee Jones, and many more) for 20 years, launched Artist Underground (an early independent music website) in the 90's before moving to Northern California 2001 and became a chef. I also began a 17 year run on KOZT - The Coast as air staff and eventually was given the opportunity by Doug Moody (Jazz Hero 2018) to bring my music, marketing and food experience together for North Coast Brewing Co. in support of their commitment to Jazz and Jazz education, to produce the shows in The Sequoia Room. See more at:

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-02-03

I love jazz because it has both beauty and a sense of humor. I was first exposed to jazz by Louis Armstrong. I met Ella Fitzgerald, Ed Thigpen, and Buddy Rich. My advice to new listeners: is clap - often! The more feedback you give to the performers the better show you guarantee for yourself.

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