Partly inspired by the trials and tribulations she faces as a legally blind musician, Lachi’s lyrical prowess has won her recognition as a Musician’s Atlas’ 2006 Independent Music Awards finalist and a featured spot on Computer Music Magazine in 200

About Me

Lachi is a powerful and enchanting singer/songwriter, who’s music can best be described as piano-driven, jazz-influenced alternative rock. Influence by Radiohead, The Beatles, Brad Mehldau, and Ray Charles, she has written and produced over 300 songs. Her music has been compared to Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carleton. Sultry, smooth, intelligent and bold, Lachi commands cleverly crafted, insightful yet quirky lyrics. They steer away from mediocrity and carry with them a message of natural beauty and internal conflict, managing to captivate the hearts of many. She holds a deep connection with her music, which can be felt and shared with everyone who watches her on stage. She has performed at Joes Pub with Petra Haden and Club Midway with Annie Quick. She also found a spot on the NYU Gallatone Records compellation CD of 2007. She has performed at the New York City Music Festival and The Mid Atlantic Music Festival. She and her band has performed at the Musical Emerging Artists of New York Festival, the Emergenza Music Festival and at many venues around the Tri-State area including Maxwells in New Jersey and Sullivan Hall, The Bowery Poetry Club and Fontana’s in New York City. Lachi completed her first album, “And This is My Life,” produced by Sony freelancer Robert Honablue, formerly of CBS Radio, released June 2006 enjoying physical and online distribution through CD-Baby, iTunes, and other leading online venues. She has recently completed her second album and has already won a placement among a respected compilation album entitled Violet Femmes for her song “We Can Fly. Partly inspired by the trials and tribulations she faces as a legally blind musician, Lachi