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Terrell Kent Holmes

Loves jazz, astronomy, and the Yankees.

About Me

I was born and raised in New York City. Stargazed from the bathroom window of my 13th floor apartment with neither telescope nor binoculars when I was a kid. Had my jazz epiphany toward the end my of sophomore year in college when I heard "Kind of Blue" and "A Love Supreme" for the first time. Work as a Budget Analyst pays the bills. I'm a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, for which I occasionally write book reviews and other articles. I have visited twenty-two of the current major league ballparks and hope to see all thirty before the end of the decade.

My Favorites

  1. The Complete Works of John Coltrane
  2. Kind of Blue--Miles Davis
  3. Aja-Steely Dan
  4. Blues-Jimi Hendrix
  5. The Complete History of Disco
  6. Citizen Kane
  7. On the Waterfront
  8. Midnight Run
  9. Good Night and Good Luck
  10. The Godfather Trilogy
  11. The Star Wars Trilogy (The GOOD trilogy, Episodes IV-VI)
  12. The Complete Alfred Hitchcock
  13. The Complete Martin Scorcese
  14. Death of a President by William Manchester
  15. The Complete Works of James Baldwin
  16. The Complete Works of Franz Kafka
  17. The Complete Works of Yukio Mishima
  18. The Complete Works of Jorge Luis Borges
  19. Game 7, 2003 American League Championship Series