Rebecca Faiola

Rebecca Faiola is a trained vocalist with an interest in all genres of music!

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it's been a part of my life since the very beginning of my musical history growing up in Dallas Texas. I was first exposed to jazz by my grandparents and big band jazz with large orchestras coming to town. I studied voice and clarinet and had to choose between the two. I chose clarinet and attend the University of North Texas playing clarinet on a scholarship. It's there I started singing in bands and sitting in with jazz bands in Dallas on clarinet. I was the only blonde and blue broad showing up at Becky's Supper Club asking to sit in with the African American musicians. They loved me and welcomed me in. I blew a mean clarinet yet I was pulled to fronting bands on vocals and JAZZ! I met Carol Sloane when I lived in North Carolina and was greatly impacted by her vocal prowess! To this day I still sing "Frasier" and "An Older Man Is Like An Elegant Wine" performed by Carol. The best show I ever attended was a small concert in North Carolina by Carol Sloane. The first jazz record I bought was Carol Sloane's "Carol Sings" album. My advice to new listeners is to understand that I want to tell a story. It's not about vocal gymnastics for me it's about the lyric "the story". Every song has a story to tell. Listen and really get it! If I had to describe myself it would be Lucille Ball meets Bridget Everett meets Adele with a sprinklin' of Della Reese! That's me in a nutshell...funny, goofy, sexy, sultry and sassy!

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