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Nicole Bookman

I feel I cannot be summed up in one sentence

About Me

I grew up in a household with very eclectic musical taste and variety. Everything from classical music to hard rock and all styles and genres in between. Tejano, polka, Andrew Sisters, Barry Manilow, Count Basie, AC/DC, BB King, Little Richard, Mickey Gilley, Louis Prima Keely Smith, Ella, Michael Buble were but a few of the artists I grew up listening to. I searched and searched and discovered the DNA in all of them originated in jazz. Why not go to the source?

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-09-08

I love jazz because it's simple and complex all at once. It's careless and cerebral simultaneously. It requires tremendous skill and musicianship to execute but only requires the audience to have an open mind and open ears.