Sherna Armstrong

Like so many artists, Sherna Armstrong started with gospel but it is not her foundation, her foundation is simply, music; and when it comes to music Sherna Armstrong is a phenomenal vocalist.

About Me

Sherna Armstrong Vocalist Born in and raised in Arkansas and living in Dallas, Sherna Armstrong is southern soul; she’s a woman from humble beginnings. Although humble, her journey in the world of music is engulfed in creativity, yet inspirational. It is said, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” and that’s true of Sherna because her parents, were soul-filled gospel singers. They sang in separate groups but as a young girl, the unity of what gospel music was and what gospel music meant, was at the core of her musical experience and her love of music. “For as long as I can remember, music was in my life and in every direction there was music. At times I sort of felt like I was music and music was me. I know music enthusiasts understand what I am saying.” Sherna is definitely an enthusiast and has been for almost a lifetime. In the mid-south, she and other kids toured with her mother’s gospel group, The Mid-South Singers; they were called the Mid-South Juniors. She grew up in a home of love, respect, religion and music and she was not alone, her siblings were right in the mix. They all loved gospel, but her brother had albums recorded by various artists and genres, and Sherna embraced them all. Of course, he had to sneak the albums in. Their mother was very religious and all music had to be what was called “church music”. He had albums by James Brown, The Platters, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, classical music and more. “Like so many artists, I started with gospel but it is not my foundation, my foundation is simply, music.” When it comes to music, Sherna is not just a phenomenal vocalist; she is doing something that she always wanted to do. She is a professor of Humanities for University of Phoenix and professor of English and Voice for area colleges. She holds degrees in Voice Performance and Music Education from Southern Methodist University and Humanities from University of Texas at Dallas. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), and maintains a private voice and piano studio. Becoming a college professor means a lot to her and the transition to formal education in music “fit like hand in glove”, because even before the degrees she had been a choir director, music director, and private voice teacher to many aspiring students. In addition to being, an educator, she is also an artist and her performances will have you salivating for more and more Sherna Armstrong. She can be a self-contained artist, and her writing and producing skills are evident in her upcoming self-titled album. She enjoys an extensive performance career which requires that she sings opera, musical theater, gospel, R&B, blues, and jazz. Her mixed-genre solo projects, entitled, “My Soul Music I, II, & III”, reflect her unique ability to perform a diverse palette of music equally well. Her self-produced, “My Soul Music” project is captivating and pure raw soul. The songs are not original tracks, but her renditions are like the first time you have heard each and every song. Here is what one of her fans said about it: “Wow what a voice!! Amazing depth and warmth. Very soulful! Cheers dear and greetings from India :) Muby.” She has a band called Sherna Armstrong Band. She currently works as a soloist, section leader, music director, stage director, choral director, and producer of a Lecture with Music Recital Series entitled, “My Soul Music”. Whether you are blessed to hear Sherna Armstrong, the solo artist or Sherna Armstrong Band, there is one thing for sure, you will leave knowing that Sherna Armstrong is soul and that an angel just sang to you. For media inquiries and bookings, call (214) 556-5986. Like her on Facebook at; follow her on;, and visit her website at For your listening enjoyment you can find her music on Amazon, iTunes, on her website, or purchase a CD at a live performance.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-08-21

I love jazz because it inspires me and moves my soul in a wonderful way! “For as long as I can remember, music was in my life and in every direction there was music. At times I sort of felt like I was music and music was me. I know music enthusiasts understand what I am saying.” My foundation is gospel, but I enjoy many genres, especially jazz. Jazz makes me want to sway and move to the rhythm that is ancient and strong. It makes me want to dance when I can't, play instruments when I can't play, shout out loud in a primal way when I can't, until I get on that stage and make jazz myself.

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