George Hedges

A failed musician but a winning fan of jazz

About Me

I started life as a brass player. Despite having a wonderful time playing my instrument the cold hard fact I would never be good enough to play for anything other than my own enjoyment set in. I'm okay with that. It's like singing in the shower. Hidden away from the rest of the world and the acoustics aren't so bad. You just hope anyone that can hear appreciates your passion and joy and overlooks your less than impressive vocal styling. My work now finds me in a related field but it affords me the opportunity to pursue my jazz passion. I attend as many live performances as possible. I have the requisite prescriptions to the well-respected jazz journals. I am completely absorbed and enthralled with jazz.

My Jazz Story

I once read Norman Granz described jazz as the ultimate expression of democracy. So many people do their own thing at once but with awareness and consideration to those around them and performing in sync. Who am I to argue with a great jazz impresario? There are many thing that attract me to and cause an appreciation of jazz. Asking me to describe it is akin to asking one spouse what is the one thing that makes them love their partner. One thing? Really? Suffice to say, there are numerous qualities and aspects of jazz I respect and adore.

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