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Massimo Del Genio

"Watch a man play for an hour and you can learn more about him than in talking to him for a year."

About Me

Massimo Del Genio started playing organ when he was 8 years old. Advancing to the guitar at 12 he plays in several cover bands (ie "La Villa Strangiato" RUSH tribute). At 20 years old he started to working in recording studios as an engineer and sessione man. He played with one of the more notable demential groups from north Italy "Dave Galera and His Avanzi". After different experiences in video production and web development he founded, web based bassist community, hence his new experiences as bass player in rock groups as OltreConfine in Milan, Glam in padua and Wow Why Wow. Throughout this whole period (since 1992) Max was always in contact with Chris Boulet as they had worked together on Chris's first demo tapes in Italy (at Max's recording studio in 1992) and also Chris's first CD "International Soup" besides being a very accomplished guitarist an extremely inventive bass player and an more than adequate Keyboard player. Max is also very good on the Chapman Stick which he learned how to play in 48 hours before recording the second album of Chris Boulet "Monkey With A thumb". Later, while he was in Milan, he met the official italian endorser of Chapman Stick Virginia Splendore, bought his one "American Graphite" and played in some gigs with her. Right at the moment that Max decided to leave electronics completely and play only acoustic harp guitars Chris Boulet and Willie Oteri has yet again turned Max's world upside down, convincing him to become the IKM laptopper (sic), the newest musical instrument available. What will be next? It doesn't matter Massimo Del Genio will be able to do it.

My Jazz Story

La scienza รจ come la musica classica: entrambe aspirano ad essere collocabili su una pagina scritta mediante un linguaggio e delle regole. Dunque, se un musicista dovesse ragionare come uno scienziato sarebbe costretto a dire che il jazz non esiste. --- Science is like classical music: both aspire to be placeable on a page written by a language and rules. Therefore, if a musician were to think like a scientist would have to say that jazz does not exist.