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Thomas Steffen

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About Me

born in 1965, from pop to punk to jazz, starting with drums, studied music science, played in different bands, film music, corporate sounds and lofi-jazz - Ctraltu.

My Jazz Story

Jazz is pure music without limitations. I started listening jazz in grade school, although I was in a wave band. Later I was the drummer of the school jazz group because I was kicked out off art education in case of bad behaviour during image analysis. Beside all the knowledge of music, jazz is able to catch your heart. When starting playing sax I was fascinated by Ben Webster - that was a woman killing tone, man. During the 80s I was catched by Miles too - an endless story. He kicks me every time and I took his legacy to look forward any time I do musical things. It is a journey without any restrictions - 36 years on that road I do not feel tired.