Deborah Carew

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-06-25

I love jazz because it works well with so many other genres/styles of music. A beautiful artform to explore. I was first exposed to jazz when a school friend gave me a Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald cassette as a birthday present. I met Ornette Coleman back when he was the curator at Southbank's Meltdown Festival in 2011, who was a pioneer for Free Jazz; a very warm, impressionable character. The best show I ever attended so far was Chick Corea with Christian McBride, and Brian Blade London Jazz Fest 2012. The first jazz record I bought was a Best of compilation of Ella Fitzgerald. My advice to new listeners I would say, start at the beginning; the root of Jazz music (Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Sidney Bechet). Enjoy the journey!