Sorana Tarmu

multimedia producer

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it is the music of freedom. I was first exposed to jazz in my childhood, through my parents' record collection. I met Eldad Tarmu in 2006 at a party after one of his concerts in my hometown. He was a visiting jazz professor at a Romanian university, touring in the region with a Latin-Jazz Ensemble featuring his former California State University professor, jazz pianist Paul de Castro. I was blogging about music and broadcasting a jazz show at an underground radio station. We started a music production company together, we toured together, we relocated to the US, and in 2009 we got married. The best show I ever attended? There were many great ones, and I rarely rank music. The first jazz record I bought was a Romanian free jazz vinyl by Harry Tavitian, purchased after a show I attended during college. My number one advice to new listeners: use online jazz radio on discovery mode.

My House Concert Story

Almost ten years ago I found an amazing house concert venue near Princeton, NJ. We had a saxophonist guest visiting from Romania at that time, Lucian Nagy. The host, Rob, booked Eldad's trio with Lucian and a local bass player. It was one of the most pleasant events we had right after we moved to the New York area.

My Favorites

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