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Guitarist from Sweden, Gothenburg

About Me

Born in Linköping, Sweden with a father and a brother playing guitar Tobias Grim started playing guitar at a young age. Starting out in rock and funk bands in Hammar(Askersund) and later Vänersborg Tobias found his way into jazz through jazzfusion. Playing local jazzfestivals and gigs with the group Play´us who´s influences was among other the group Legends featuring Eric Clapton,Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd and David Sandborn. Tobias moved to London and played at Blues clubs before coming back to music studies for 7 years ending at the university in Gothenburg. Playing guitar in different groups as a side man and as a leader Tobias played with groups such as Grimgroup, Kakafoni,Vibe, Grim/Bergström Duo,Derupeto and the Frank Zappa tribute band Great Googly moogly. Tobias is today playing modern jazz ,african music, fusion and Brazilian music in different settings. The autumn of 2014 Tobias released his first album as a leader: Tobias Grim Brazil lines featuring : Anders Kjellberg - drums Karolina Vucidolac-vocals Magnus Bergström bas