neal barbosa

its allways exiting to colaberate with bands and bring live art inspired by music to the masses for there enjoyment.

About Me

Curently he paints live allmost every thursday @ THE HOP MONK in Sebastopol & allmost every fri @ THE LAGUNITAS TAP ROOM AND BEER SANCTUARY IN Petaluma.

“In 2010, Mouse made another discovery. One evening he went to a concert where Neal Barbosa was painting live on stage as the bands played and hundreds of people danced. He invited Mouse to dip in and paint, and a great new context for painting was born into Mouse’s life: live painting. Unlike many live painters, Mouse plans his work in advance. But once he is painting with the music and the energy from the crowd, he goes into a bubble, alone with his muse, oblivious to all but the magic. Mouse paints fast, like at the hotrod shows at the beginning of his career. His brush is dancing, remembering designs he has created for automobiles, motorcycles, shirts, posters, album covers, riffing on them, allowing his subconscious, seasoned by many years of the best art, psychedelics, music, death, and new life to commandeer the brush, to do what it wants while Stanley watches in wonder with the rest of us.”

DC Darling.

Neal realy loves what DC Darling wrote and is very exited to be included and overjoyed to inspire other artists to work up the boldnes

and get out of the studio to paint and get inspired by the music of musicians and create on the spot in the moment for all to enjoy.

Especialy since at the age of 9 Neal got his first stanley mouse t-shirt given to him by his uncle, then at 18 ,9 years years later was inspired by stanley's work and started airbrushing, there was no other artist Neal ever knew of untill he was 21,now allmost 30 years later,Neal inspired Stanley!!

(Bands Neal has performed with include):..Top Shelf, Pepper, Melrose, Big daddy & rockin combo, Rebound,,Gooferman,Fishbone,John mooney, Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra, Gabby La La,Larry Carlton, New soul underground,Johnny Gunn, New Orleans Social club,Les Claypool Hatters Ball, Normal Bean with special guests, Jerry Miller (from Moby Grape), Barry “the Fish” Melton, Lester Chambers (The Chambers Brothers) and his son, Dylan, Michael Hinton, Fuzzy John Oxendine, Keith Graves, Brad Jenkins and more. Also featuring Ken Peterson Brandon Hess, Forrest day, Eric Mcfaden,yo momas big fat booty band,white chocolate funk,Puro Bandido,

Michael Hinton, Barry”The Fish” Melton, Fuzzy john Oxendine, Keith Graves - RealOne(Hip_hop) - Selekta Lou Sanchez -.. big gomes II,

Eric Lindell,poor Mans whiskey, Madera Humana, Skerik, Mike Dillon, Frogdog Rocks, OHM, Shannon Kurfman, Shiny Toy Guns, the pervs, hope 56,Mike Gibons, PSI, Taking Fire, Delta Nove, Bondage Fairies,.. Rocco Deluca, ..Al howard and the K23 orchestra, Fat Head, Simon Stinger, Hello Donkey, Raw Delux, The Moldenato Quartet,Cast of Clowns, Roger Bolt, The Chief of Splendor, Urine Love,The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The J L Styles band, DJ Modika, DJ Rainbow, The Frisky Kitty Girls, The Liquid Girls, Medicin Drum, Miribu, The Ron Kobayashi Trio, System Failure TV in Hollywood,Darrel Mansfield, Insecto Circus, Man against Machine, Jenifer Vazquez, Fontanel, Gilli Moon, Kokopelli,The Curent, Acacia, frog dog,Used Blues Band Grampas grass, the kolab, Neal has opened for neil innes of monty python ,The Dirty Dubb Band . other news articles about the performance painter:

Forrest Day packs Live with energy every time.

Painter Neal Barbosa leaps around between sloshing blue and red paint on a canvas. While nimbly rapping lyrics, frontman Forrest Day moves back and forth like he's on invisible roller skates. Tenor saxophonist Dave Bullers and baritone saxman Dave Eaton dance in unison like the horn section in an old Motown group between blasts that complete the band's full sound.

When Forrest Day takes the stage, the group is as active as their lively fans. At the recent BaRock the Peninsula! concert at the Monterey Fairgrounds, it took the eight-piece Bay Area outfit to finally get a sluggish crowd-which hadn't stirred much through the first …

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