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James David Travis

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because...Jazz changed my life as a Percussionist I was first exposed to jazz...when I was 13 I heard John Coltrane and Weather Report! This changed my style from classical trained to Jazz I met [musician name]..MIles Davis, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker R.I.P and so many others...Buddy Rich , Steve Gad, Jimmy Cobb. The best show I ever attended was...This is a very hard question to answer because I have put on and played and sat in the seats for so many shows...seemed to me I enjoyed Chick Corea and his Electric Band the most...But this is such a loaded question. The first jazz record I bought was..Weather Report. My advice to new listeners...If you are new to Jazz...Buy as may downloads or CD's of classic jazz and smooth Jazz.. Or whatever else you have in mind.