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The Art Of The Artist To Fan Relationship

Variations on a Theme: Perspectives on Fan Relationships

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Something I've learned since starting ArtistShare is that the new “music business" is not so much a business but a platform for creating bonds between the artist and the fan. From that bond, fans will show their appreciation for the music in various ways which may include a purchase of some kind but also may not. It doesn't matter. A relationship built today will most likely turn into a purchase later and if it never does I can guarantee that ...

Exploring the Essence of the Relationship

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Way back in September of 2000 a few of my friends were having a difficult time with their record labels. Some were dropped two weeks before a big recording session (years in the planning.... poof!) and others found fine print in their contracts which made it impossible for them to make money from their recordings. Being a musician myself and knowing what it was like to dedicate one's life work to music and one day after hearing yet another story ...