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File 0999-1 - Case: The Missing Benedetto

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Greetings AAJers!This is Vic chiming in from the road. I'm currently just south of Chicago, casing and cruising 'round Joliet. Got my Hertz Rent-a-Car, two unopened bottles, a box full of prime Cuban stinkers, and “Blues and the Abstract Truth" bustin' out the tape deck. The south side of Chicago really IS the baddest part of town, ya know what I mean?Yep, it's this same Joliet that brought us the famed brothers Jake and ...


File 0999-2 - Case Solved: The Missing Benedetto

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Greetings from The Big Windy, AAJers! On my way back east. Who would've thought that a nice guy like me in a nice 'burg like Chicago could find so much trouble?Guys and dolls sure love their tunes in this big town. Like any town, I guess. When I got the call to locate that missing guitar, I figured that only one guy had the ways and means to swipe it. I also figured that only one guy had ...


File 0899-1

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Case #1 Greetings Vic...Long time no see, Did Kenton ever record “Here's That Rainy Day" in the studio? How many recordings of that song did he make? And... Are there any CD's of Woody Herman's Woodchoppers from the 40's Herman Band? --Dick Bellach Greetings, Herr Doktor Bellach, It has been a long time, hasn't it? That summer in Berlin. I had almost forgotten...the cabaret, the cigarettes, the ...


File 0899-2

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Case #3 Hello Cool Vic: I am seeking a itinerary of concert dates that Louis Armstrong played in the summer of 1960. Do you (or any of your cohorts) know of a reliable source (website, book, or database) where I might uncover this info? Thanks for your time and concern (Love the website.) --Brian Soule Soule Man, Your question takes me back. It was a time ...


File 0799-1

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Case #1 Memorandum To: re: Missing Music Report I've been on this case for a long time without success, but I'm just a Private Ear who can't find what I want to hear. It's time to call in the pro. Here's the rundown: an old friend swears that Lambert, Hendricks & Ross recorded “Shiny Stockings," but I can't find any reference to it. (I did find it by Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan, but ...


File 0799-2

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Case #3 Cool Vic, I have given up trying to locate the recordings AND sheet music to a couple of tunes entitled: “Malaga" by I have no clue and “Taboo" by a woman with last name Enesco. I hope you can help. I really would like to either listen to or perform these original versions. Desperate Again... Sam J Desperate Sammy, If you're my friend Mr. Jackson, I remind you ...


File 0699-1

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Case #1 Hi's Victor, isn't it? Did Dianne Reeves ever record “Down Here on the Ground?" I heard a female version of this song about a week ago while riding in my car and it sounded like Dianne Reeves. This recording is not on her new CD, Bridges. Maybe she sung it on someone else's CD; if so, do you know whose? --Renee Clark Miss Clark, You ...