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Sal Mosca: Thing-Ah-Majig

Read "Thing-Ah-Majig" reviewed by Brandt Reiter

Often referred to as Lennie Tristano's prime pupil, 78-year-old Sal Mosca has spent the greater part of the last half-century teaching rather than performing or recording, so any new disc by the low-profile pianist is immediately something of an event. Thing-Ah-Majig, recorded in 2004 and especially noteworthy as Mosca's first trio recording since 1959, does not disappoint.The program is what you'd expect from a Tristano disciple: five warhorse standards (plus one Mosca original, the leisurely “Nowhere ), picked ...


Sal Mosca: Thing-Ah-Majig

Read "Thing-Ah-Majig" reviewed by Derek Taylor

School spirit can sometimes be a liability in jazz, a genre where individuality remains a paramount attribute. Critics lumped drummer Shelly Manne in with the Cool clique early on, even though his flexibility in taste and technique embraced a host of styles from swing to hard bop to early free. Similarly, allegiance to one's mentors, while admirable, occasionally carries peripheral costs of association. Sal Mosca knows these predicaments all too well. As one of Lennie Tristano's most prodigious pupils, and ...


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