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Carmen Lundy: Code Noir

Read "Code Noir" reviewed by James Nadal

Being a genuine jazz singer requires a dedicated focus on sincerity, enhanced individuality, and a commitment to honoring tradition. With Code Noir, songstress extraordinaire Carmen Lundy reveals herself as a gifted griotte, a female singer of praises, exploring the musical and emotional realms encompassing the African diaspora through the music of Black America. As a source of reference: Code Noir --Black Code--was enacted by the King of France, Louis XIV in 1685, to decree that is was illegal ...


Carmen Lundy: Soul To Soul

Read "Soul To Soul" reviewed by James Nadal

There are records created through years of preparation and production that take a lifetime to achieve. Soul to Soul by vocalist Carmen Lundy, indeed falls in that category, yet defies categorization. Lundy is setting her own course, while other singers seek safe refuge in tepid covers of popular standards. She offers original material delivered with authenticity that can only come from a seasoned jazz veteran. Studying the roster of musicians on this record, there is no surprise that ...


Carmen Lundy at Lakeland Jazz Festival

Read "Carmen Lundy at Lakeland Jazz Festival" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

Carmen Lundy Quartet Lakeland Community College 42nd Annual Lakeland Jazz Festival Kirtland, Ohio February 22, 2014 It had been well over five years since Grammy award-winning vocalist Carmen Lundy had been in the vicinity of Cleveland and she certainly made up for her absence by delivering a powerhouse performance as the Saturday evening headliner for the 42nd annual Lakeland Jazz Festival. As heady a performer as she is in the true tradition of ...


Carmen Lundy: Changes

Read "Changes" reviewed by James Nadal

Contemporary jazz vocalists, caught in the current trend to accelerate their careers, are often indistinguishable from the pack, the essence of their music lost in haste. With her release of Changes , veteran singer Carmen Lundy proves that this premise does not apply to her, rising to that proverbial summit to enjoy the rarefied air of the chosen few.Graced and gifted with a smooth, effortless voice, Lundy has been highly heralded since her landmark 2005 record, Live at ...


Carmen Lundy: Jazz And The New Songbook

Read "Jazz And The New  Songbook" reviewed by Ernest Barteldes

Unlike many singers, Carmen Lundy does not recycle standards on her latest album, which was captured live at the Madrid Theater in Los Angeles. Instead, the program of new material she wrote (or co-wrote) makes for an unexpected listening experience. Backed by an eighteen-piece ensemble, Lundy showcases her songs, many of which she premiered here. One immediately arresting track is “Afrasia!, the lyrics of which basically say the word “God in several languages (Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, ...


Carmen Lundy: Jazz and the New Songbook

Read "Carmen Lundy: Jazz and the New Songbook" reviewed by Jim Santella

Carmen Lundy Jazz and the New Songbook Afrasia Productions 2006

While watching Carmen Lundy sing her new songs at the Madrid Theater in Los Angeles, you begin to feel as though you're a part of her circle. With friends all around her on stage, the singer delivers her program with the kind of intimacy that you'd expect to see between friends. Yes, she brings you in and welcomes everyone into her musical ...


Carmen Lundy: Jazz and the New Songbook

Read "Jazz and the New Songbook" reviewed by Jim Santella

With this live two-disc set recorded in the Los Angeles area, Carmen Lundy sings original songs that she's created in order to communicate exactly what she feels about the state of jazz in this new century. She's also a painter who uses oils on canvas, and her works were exhibited in a month-long exhibit at the same venue.

Expression comes in many forms. Lundy's silky alto voice and crystal clear articulation allow her to send each message fluently. ...


Carmen Lundy: Jazz and the New Songbook

Read "Jazz and the New Songbook" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

It was probably close to twenty years ago that I saw Carmen Lundy perform in a small group setting to a non-jazz audience; she sang her own lyrical compositions. My thoughts were that it wouldn't be long before she would become a public persona. Although Carmen Lundy has recorded for several labels since, and each of these efforts is on the same artistic plane, it would appear that she has broken no real ground.

The release of Jazz ...


Carmen Lundy Presents... Carmen Lundy

Read "Carmen Lundy Presents... Carmen Lundy" reviewed by R.J. DeLuke

She writes her own music, complete with original lyrics. She paints, and her oil works have been exhibited, as well as sold to private collectors. She’s played the lead in Sophisticated Ladies and played Billie Holiday in They Were All Gardenias on the New York stage. But mostly, she’s a singer with a rich voice that is both ebullient and stylish. She’s the first jazz vocal major at the University of Miami back in the 1970s. She’s Carmen ...


Carmen Lundy: Something to Believe In

Read "Something to Believe In" reviewed by Rich Friedman

Something to Believe In could – and should – be the breakout album for veteran opera-trained vocalist Carmen Lundy. This is not to imply that Ms. Lundy doesn’t already possess a large group of devoted admirers, but this disc will go a long way to solidify her position as one of the finest jazz singers performing today; whether singing her own compositions, or bringing new interpretation and meaning to a standard tune, Lundy is hard not to ...


Carmen Lundy: Something To Believe In

Read "Something To Believe In" reviewed by Jim Santella

The message here is one of love. Love for all the good things that we believe in. Love for what makes us happy, and love for what keeps us on track.

Carmen Lundy’s rich alto voice brings jazz to her audience with clarity and balance. Her seamless phrasing gives the listener assurance that each lyric’s message rings true. As an artist dedicated to interpreting creative works, Lundy doesn’t dabble in superficial vocal acrobatics. That kind of stunt can ...


Carmen Lundy: Good Morning Kiss

Read "Good Morning Kiss" reviewed by Jim Santella

Carmen Lundy’s expressive vocal interpretations have always raised welcoming arms from mainstream listeners. Her natural talent speaks for itself. A clear voice with a strong heart serve as centerpiece for this reissue. Three alternate takes have been added to the original. “Dindi” is presented as an alternate without the contributions of Steve Turre. “Perfect Stranger” and “Good Morning Kiss” show up as alternates with very little change from those previously released. Good Morning Kiss, an excellent mainstream album, was Lundy’s ...

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