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Kaye Bohler: Handle the Curves

Read "Handle the Curves" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

"The White Tina Turner." Them is fightin' words. West coast vocalist and composer Kaye Bohler might be better described as Tina Turner covering Etta James at Muscle Shoals. Handle the Curves is a decade of original compositions that span from the Aretha Franklin-inflected “Diggin' on My Man" to the Van Morrison-ish title tune. “Backbone" is all Memphis: Hi Records and Stax. Bohler's horn section could have had their tutelage under the Memphis Horns. Bohler stays close to ...

Let Me Forget

"Let Me Forget" is from the album Lisipi and the video was taken from a live concert at the Bflat jazz club in Cagliari, Italy on January 17, 2019. The Rome-based trio consists of Liliya Akhmetzyanova on piano, Silvio Canargiu on bass, and Pierpaolo Frailis on drums.

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