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Scott Henderson: Vibe Station

Read "Vibe Station" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Guitarist Scott Henderson is one of a select few artists who raised jazz fusion from the embers in the 80s, namely with the band, Tribal Tech. Indeed, this unit proffered a much needed uplift via a far-reaching perspective and armed with a torrential improvisational credo on numerous fronts. Since then, the guitarist has performed with other high-flying units but as a solo artist, he often kicks out the jazz rock, fusion and blues rock jams within the power trio format. ...


Scott Henderson / Jeff Berlin / Dennis Chambers: HBC

Read "HBC" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Not simply a super-group, but more like a jazz-fusion superpower as this formidable trio melds classic fusion works amid a few originals on its debut release, although the artists have crossed paths over the years. Bios and resumes would transcend the limitations of a review or analysis. So, it's the in-your-face attitude, creative impetus, and the respective musicians' gargantuan chops that account for a passionate exposition. Guitarist Scott Henderson's enviable technique as a monumental blues-rock soloist shines on ...


Scott Henderson Trio: Bangkok, Thailand, March 18, 2011

Read "Scott Henderson Trio: Bangkok, Thailand, March 18, 2011" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Scott Henderson TrioMello YelloBangkok, ThailandMarch 18, 2011 The Scott Henderson Trio crowned an impressive inaugural fortnight at Mello Yello, with an electrifying performance in front of a small but appreciative audience. With jazz clubs few and far between in Bangkok, the opening of Mello Yello at RCA, in the clubbing heartland of the city, is welcome news indeed. The intimate, informal venue offers two local bands per night from Monday to Saturday and in its ...


Scott Henderson: Welding Sounds

Read "Scott Henderson: Welding Sounds" reviewed by Stefanee Freedman

Any jazz lover who believes the boundaries of musical genres can't melt together to influence the technical development of improve-based music needs to take a listen to guitarist, Scott Henderson. Henderson's early musical influences of rock and blues transcends through his hard-hitting jazz compositions.Henderson studied guitar in his native state at Florida Atlantic University. Soon after graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he quickly started getting gigs with notable performers like Chick Corea, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and ...


Scott Henderson: Live

Read "Live" reviewed by Jim Santella

Scott Henderson's double CD carries a lot of sizzle and a powerful sound, considering the band is just three people. His fiery electric guitar and the drummer's consistent back beat allow them to romp with passions unleashed. Henderson has a lot to say, and it all came out during these live sessions at a familiar Los Angeles nightspot.

The guitarist's original compositions make up most of the program. This allows him to dip and slide through an emotional ...


Scott Henderson: Live!

Read "Live!" reviewed by John Kelman

While guitarist Scott Henderson has been mining post-Weather Report fusion territory for years with Tribal Tech, he has also been exploring a more blues-based direction with recordings including Dog Party, Tore Down House and, most notably, '02's stripped-down Well to the Bone, one of the most potent examples of the power trio to be released in recent years. So when Henderson and the road-tested Well to the Bone trio settled into their home base, the La Vee Lee jazz club ...


Scott Henderson: Well to the Bone

Read "Well to the Bone" reviewed by Todd S. Jenkins

Scott Henderson is nothing if not unpredictable. In Tribal Tech and Vital Tech Tones he has distinguished himself as an endlessly creative performer with impeccable musicianship. Well to the Bone also bears a heavy dose of creativity, to be sure, yet many of the selections come off as oddly disconcerting. Despite its label, the disc has been filed away here at AAJ under Fusion instead of Blues because even adamant blues non-purists might shake their heads in confusion.

“Lady P” ...


Scott Henderson: Well to The Bone

Read "Well to The Bone" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The latest rock-blues solo effort from guitar hero Scott Henderson features more of a fusion spin than some of his previous efforts, although the guitarist's fabled Tribal Tech aggregation is firmly rooted within the fusion arena. But Henderson is not merely content with rehashing tried and true formulas. With this release, he continues to explore just about every nook and cranny his instrument of choice has to offer. Sure, his jaw-dropping chops are intact, amid abundant doses of mildly discordant ...


Scott Henderson/Gary Willis -Tribal Tech: Rocket Science

Read "Rocket Science" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

“Tribal Tech” is a band that have almost single-handedly revived fusion from the sunken depths of obscurity while consistently reinventing their group sound and approach for over ten years now. Here the musicians enter the studio without any preconceived notions or rigid game plans yet have produced one of their finest efforts in years, titled Rocket Science.

Complete with tongue-in-cheek CD cover art depicting a female in a bathing suit riding what appears to be a tin rocket (phallic symbol), ...


Scott Henderson, Steve Smith, Victor Wooten: Vital Tech Tones

Read "Vital Tech Tones" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Mike Varney wanted a powerhouse release to inaugurate his “Tone Center” fusion offshoot of Shrapnel Records. He of course thought of some of the very best artists to pull together for this project. I need not go into detail over each artist’s abilities. One or two words says it all -- awesome monsters. For those of you who don’t know, Scott Henderson gets around. With his fine self-formed band Tribal Tech he has released a string of awesome fusion and ...


Scott Henderson: Tore Down House

Read "Tore Down House" reviewed by Jim Santella

With a fusion of jazz, blues and rock, guitarist Scott Henderson put together a set of his own songs; the lone exception is Jaco Pastorius’ “Continuum." Most of the album features Thelma Houston with a blues trio; Houston wails while Henderson smokes in a contemporary electric blues vein. Most of the guitarist’s career has been based on fusion; leaders with whom Henderson worked early on include Joe Zawinul, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Chick Corea with his Elektrik Band. Complete information on ...


Scott Henderson/Gary Willis/Tribal Tech: Thick

Read "Thick" reviewed by Ed Kopp

Tribal Tech co-leaders Scott Henderson (guitars) and Gary Willis (bass) sought a new direction with this latest release, the band's ninth. In the past, Henderson and Willis conceived their compositions in advance, then fleshed them out in the studio. This time they entered the studio without any preconceptions and just spent three days jamming and recording. Afterwards the quartet selected the best moments and added a few embellishments. Thick may be the boldest effort yet from one of ...

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