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Benny Golson, Joshua Breakstone and More

Read "Benny Golson, Joshua Breakstone and More" reviewed by Joe Dimino

This week we focus on avant-garde bassist Joe Fonda. We recently interviewed Joe, who has a new release with the OGJB Quartet along with a duo recording with pianist Satoko Fujii. We also feature the music of Wadada Leo Smith and move our way into a bright young cat with fresh grooves, Nikola Bankov. Legendary saxophonist Benny Golson came through Kansas City in mid-October 2019 and we got plenty from him during this hour. Finally, we catch up with a ...


Joe Fonda: New Origin

Read "New Origin" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

On New Origin veteran bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Harvey Sorgen—(Ahmad Jamal, Dewy Redman) boldly return to the passion that forged Dreamstruck (Not Two, 2018), their unstoppable trio excursion with Marilyn Crispell. Sworn architects of reverberant depth and the collective accord separating us from AI, the vets team this time with the equally free thinking European clarinetist Christophe Rocher —Paul Rogers, John Stevens—to unravel the Gordian Knot presented by the music of New Origin. “Read This," one of ...


Christophe Rocher / Joe Fonda / Harvey Sorgen: New Origin

Read "New Origin" reviewed by John Sharpe

As the title implies, New Origin represents a fertile coming together, the principals in this case being the veteran American rhythm team of bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Harvey Sorgen, with French clarinetist Christophe Rocher. Fonda and Sorgen share a lengthy association, which encompasses the long-running Fonda/Stevens Group and a trio of more recent vintage with pianist Marilyn Crispell among others. Rocher, a generation younger, has risen on his native scene and also featured alongside the likes of flautist Nicole ...


Nu Band: Live In Geneva

Read "Live In Geneva" reviewed by John Sharpe

Everything must change as the Nina Simone song puts it. That's as true in music as anywhere else, and changing one of the parts inevitably affects the whole. When NYC-based German trumpeter Thomas Heberer replaced the late lamented Roy Campbell in The Nu Band, it must have been heart-in-mouth time for colleagues bassist Joe Fonda, reedman Mark Whitecage and drummer Lou Grassi. Two years down the road, everything has fallen into place on the second album from the new line-up. ...


Nu Band: Lower East Side Blues

Read "Lower East Side Blues" reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

To those who thought The Nu Band was a one-shot group, witness Lower East Side Blues, its fourth album since 2003 and first recorded in a studio. With such busy schedules it seemed as if four musicians of this caliber--trumpeter Roy Campbell, alto saxophonist/ clarinetist Mark Whitecage, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Lou Grassi--couldn't stay together very long. That they now have several international tours behind them and have a burgeoning discography is an indication of their level of commitment. ...


Joe Fonda: New York City Session & A Night in Paris (Live at the Sunset)

Read "Joe Fonda: New York City Session & A Night in Paris (Live at the Sunset)" reviewed by Martin Longley

Bruno Angelini/Joe Fonda/Ramon LopezNew York City SessionSans Bruit2008 FAB TrioA Night In Paris / Live at the SunsetMarge2008 Here are two trio discs that reveal bassman Joe Fonda in highly contrasting circumstances. New York City Session is a repeat collaboration with French pianist Bruno Angelini and Spanish drummer Ramón López, recorded in Brooklyn. Even ...


Joe Fonda / Carlo Morena / George Schuller: A Drop Of Water

Read "A Drop Of Water" reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

The rhythm team of bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller has proven to be a particularly potent one. Their work as half of Conference Call (alongside reed player Gebhard Ullmann and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens) gives that band both compositional and improvisational strength. The same holds true in guitarist Michael Musillami's trio, where they take care of stoking the fires while Musillami takes off on his improvisational flights. A lesser-known group with a pair of records ...


Joe Fonda: Rhythmic Architect

Read "Joe Fonda: Rhythmic Architect" reviewed by Paul Olson

Bassist Joe Fonda has nourished so many groups and projects with his unerring time, deep and constant imagination and rich tone that one struggles to imagine a New York jazz scene that doesn't include him. He's played as a sideman with dozens of great, prominent players (including Anthony Braxton, with whom he played in various musical combinations for 15 years) and has led, and still leads, a number of his own groups--none of them less than worth hearing, and most ...


Joe Fonda: Trio & Duets (1995)

Read "Joe Fonda: Trio & Duets (1995)" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

Fonda/Stevens Group Trio Not Two 2007 Anthony Braxton/Joe Fonda Duets (1995) Konnex-Clean Feed 2007

It's difficult to either match or deny the hyperbole with which Leo Feigin presented the 2000 release of the Fonda/Stevens Group's Live at the Bunker. Calling it the recording he'd been waiting for for 20 years, Feigin ...


Joe Fonda: ZMF Trio & Angelini/Fonda/Lopez

Read "Joe Fonda: ZMF Trio & Angelini/Fonda/Lopez" reviewed by Marc Medwin

ZMF Trio Circle The Path Drip Audio 2006 Bruno Angelini/Joe Fonda/Ramon Lopez Silent Cascade Konnex 2006

These two recent trio releases find American bassist Joe Fonda refining his already diverse sonic palette; they present perfect environments in which to do so, as they are delightfully beyond category. Circle ...


Joe Fonda: Live at the Outpost Performance Space & Live at the Iron Works

Read "Joe Fonda: Live at the Outpost Performance Space & Live at the Iron Works" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

Conference Call Live at the Outpost Peformance Space 482 Music 2006 Fab Trio Live at Iron Works, Vancouver, BC Konnex 2005

Although the Fonda-Stevens group is a strong band, bassist Joe Fonda is best known as a sideman. His first recording was with Wadada Leo Smith in 1983 and he spent ...


Fonda/Altschul/Bang: Live At The Iron Works, Vancouver

Read "Live At The Iron Works, Vancouver" reviewed by Nic Jones

There aren't too many violin/bass/drums trios out there, and while the live setting might not be the ideal format in which to capture the music of this particular threesome, there's enough here to provoke the hope that this isn't just a one-off venture.

The moments when the trio thinks as one, notably after Altschul's four-minute solo introduction on “Tune For Barry," are countered in the negative sense by the music's longueurs, where at least one of the participants gives the ...

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