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George Duke: The Master of the Game

Read "George Duke: The Master of the Game" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

[Editor's Note: The following piece was first published at AAJ contributor Jeff Winbush's The Domino Theory blog, and is reprinted here in tribute to George Duke, who passed away on August 5, 2013]I never caught George Duke live in concert. I never met the man in person. However, he did give me two hours of his extremely busy time to talk to me for a career-spanning interview. What came of it was the longest interview I had ever ...


George Duke: Dream Weaver

Read "George Duke: Dream Weaver" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

The end comes eventually for us all with only the time and method to be determined. Dream Weaver is an album constructed around death, loss, healing and moving on. George Duke lost his wife, Corine, in 2011 as well as guitarist Jef Lee Johnson, and vocalist Teena Marie who passed away in 2010 as she was collaborating with Duke on a jazz album.Despite the sense of loss and sorrow hanging over the recording, Dream Weaver is hardly a ...


George Duke: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection

Read "George Duke: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

The George Duke BandThe Complete 1970s Epic Albums CollectionEpic/Legacy2012The George Duke Band: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection compiles the six albums that keyboardist, bandleader, composer, arranger and producer George Duke released on Epic Records between 1977 and 1979, accompanied by extensive and reflective notes on each album personally written by Duke, who wrote, arranged and produced just about every track.As an instrumentalist, Duke strongly resembles one of his most ...


George Duke: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection

Read "George Duke: The Complete 1970s Epic Albums Collection" reviewed by Chris May

The George Duke BandThe Complete 1970s Epic Albums CollectionEpic/Legacy2012 The six albums comprising this collection of George Duke's 1977-80 Epic releases are of uneven quality--as the keyboardist himself acknowledges in the liner booklet--but they make an interesting historical artifact. From a “jazz" point of view, five of the discs approach irrelevance, but the sixth, 1980's samba-informed A Brazilian Love Affair, is a classic which still has alluring legs. ...


George Duke: Facing the Music

Read "George Duke: Facing the Music" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

In jazz, there are two seminal figures called “Duke." For Edward Kennedy Ellington, “Duke" was a nickname. For George Duke, it is his surname, but the similarities with Duke Ellington don't end there. As a pianist, arranger, songwriter, bandleader and composer, George Duke has solidified his reputation as one of jazz's most important figures. Also a bold innovator who isn't afraid to confound admirers and critics alike, Duke dived headfirst into funk with his irresistible hit “Reach For It," an ...


George Duke: Deja Vu

Read "Deja Vu" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

George Duke's Deja Vu should win the 2010 Truth in Advertising award, because it will sound familiar to anyone who following the keyboard virtuoso's 40-year career. Duke, however, doesn't recycle riffs wholesale from his repertoire, as he did on 2008's tepid Dukey Treats (Heads Up); instead, he pulls back from trying to recapture past funk glories with more consistently satisfying results, sounding more relaxed--and, perhaps, having a bit more fun.As a musician and producer, Duke has accomplished too ...


George Duke: Dukey Treats

Read "Dukey Treats" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

George Duke is one of those artists who defy easy description. A keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer, he may turn up anywhere. At various stages of his career, he's been a bandleader, a sideman and manager of his own label, BPM (Big Piano Music).Duke's associations on the stage or in the studio cover various genres: pop, funk, blues, jazz, smooth jazz, etc. He was a member of Julian “Cannonball" Adderley's band, collaborated with Stanley Clarke, and has worked ...


George Duke: My Soul - The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings

Read "George Duke: My Soul - The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings" reviewed by John Kelman

George Duke My Soul -The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings MPS/Universal Music Germany 2008 While he's gone on to become a renowned pop producer and, in recent years, has veered towards smooth jazz territory, keyboardist George Duke has, in fact, the credentials, skill and intuition to tackle most anything he chooses. So, while his early days might be considered by some to be more significant in that they were closer to a jazz aesthetic and further ...


George Duke: Faces in Reflection

Read "Faces in Reflection" reviewed by John Kelman

Keyboardist George Duke's career may have swerved towards pop and smooth jazz in recent years, but his mid-1960s emergence suggested a future as bright as contemporaries including Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. Seminal work with renegade guitarist/composer Frank Zappa in the mid-1970s further cemented a reputation built on earlier recordings with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and vocalist Flora Purim. That he's chosen a more accessible route since then doesn't diminish the string of fine albums released under his ...


Restore Your Soul: George Duke in Concert, Boston

Read "Restore Your Soul: George Duke in Concert, Boston" reviewed by Jason West

George Duke Berklee Performance Center Boston, Massachusetts January 31, 2008

When George Duke walked out on stage this evening, he was greeted with a show of love befitting one of soul music's favorite sons. Showered with supportive shouts from Berklee students with whom he had spent a week-long residency, Duke didn't have to win over his audience: he had them in his pocket from the first soulful beat.

Backed by a 13-piece ...


George Duke: Face The Music

Read "Face The Music" reviewed by AAJ Staff

From A to Z (Cannonball Adderley to Frank Zappa), George Duke has worked with an eclectic bunch. He has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. Face The Music is Duke’s first release on his own label, Big Piano Music.

The recording kicks things off with “The Black Messiah (Part Two),” which includes the voice of the late Cannonball Adderley introducing George Duke at one of their performances. Duke brings his flair for funk; you can ...

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