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Music Matters: SRX Vinyl

Read "Music Matters: SRX Vinyl" reviewed by Greg Simmons

Music Matters, the vinyl reissue house known for it's long string of high-quality all-analog pressings of classic Blue Note records, has released a dozen additional titles just a year or so after completing what was supposed to have been their final offerings. The new records include some that Music Matters had released in earlier series, as well as new titles. All of them are being pressed on a new vinyl formula that purports quieter surfaces and improved resolution. The material, ...


Kenny Dorham: The Complete ‘Round About Midnight at the Café Bohemia – Blue Note 1524

Read "Kenny Dorham: The Complete ‘Round About Midnight at the Café Bohemia – Blue Note 1524" reviewed by Marc Davis

I think I have a new favorite hard bop record. For many years, I considered Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers the perfect hard bop band--the Beatles of the bop set. I still do. I don't know how Blakey managed to find the very best up-and-coming jazz musicians in America, year after year, but somehow he did. And somehow the various bands he put together, no matter who was in them, produced superlative 5-star records, year after year. ...


Kenny Dorham: Una Mas

Read "Una Mas" reviewed by Greg Simmons

Trumpeter Kenny Dorham's Una Mas was one of 1963's best records. The thought of hearing it reissued on ultra-high quality vinyl by the good folks at Music Matters should make jazz heads swoon. With its melding of hard-bop, bossa nova, and the blues, Una Mas is a prime example of the memorable vamps that Blue Note favored at the time, finding ultimate success later that year with Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder. Dorham was a prolific recording artist for ...


Kenny Dorham: Kenny Dorham - The Flamboyan, Queens, NY, 1963 - featuring Joe Henderson

Read "Kenny Dorham - The Flamboyan, Queens, NY, 1963 - featuring Joe Henderson" reviewed by Francis Lo Kee

Kenny Dorham's big splash in the bebop business was taking over the trumpet chair in Charlie Parker's Quintet. He then became one of the most productive members of the Blue Note community, and his composition “Blue Bossa" has since become a jazz standard. This excellent live set is another wonderful and important issue from Uptown Records. The copious notes describe how the young (and not-yet-well-known) tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson began his productive musical relationship with Dorham, and why this live ...


Kenny Dorham: 'Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia

Read "'Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia" reviewed by Matt Marshall

There's a thickness to the sound of this 1956 Kenny Dorham set as reissued by Music Matters on two 45-rpm records--a density that blows from the speakers and settles in the room like smoke. Which is to say the fidelity of the Music Matters product proves itself as strong on live recordings as it has on their Blue Note studio reissues. Here, the club acoustics are palpable, requiring only the cracking of a favorite beverage to complete the scene.

Not ...


Kenny Dorham: Kenny Dorham: Jazz Contrasts

Read "Kenny Dorham: Jazz Contrasts" reviewed by Samuel Chell

In the new liner notes included with this addition to the Keepnews Collection on Riverside, the producer expresses his satisfaction with this 1957 “blowing" album, showcasing the trumpeter whom, after Clifford Brown, he considers second to none. Recorded approximately a year following Brown's passing, the date demonstrates Dorham's gifts as a balladeer, composer and, above all, as a pyrotechnician--the kind of player who can take apart a song's chord structure and reconstruct it with surgical precision, even while operating at ...


Kenny Dorham: Jazz Contrasts

Read "Jazz Contrasts" reviewed by David Rickert

Producer Orrin Keepnews was never one to indulge much in blowing sessions, but this 1957 recording from trumpeter Kenny Dorham comes pretty close. With a lineup featuring Sonny Rollins, Oscar Pettiford, Hank Jones, and Max Roach, why not just give the guys a few standards and turn them loose? Dorham had been recruited for Riverside from a successful stint at Blue Note and Rollins had just completed Saxophone Colossus (Prestige, 1956), so both were eager and ready. The rhythm section ...


Kenny Dorham: Kenny Dorham with Jackie McLean Complete Recordings

Read "Kenny Dorham with Jackie McLean Complete Recordings" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

As jazz lovers we should be thankful for the presence of the Spanish record labels. Lonehill, Fresh Sound and Gambit, to name a few, have reissued and made available at reasonable prices a multitude of long-lost jazz gems. One of the recent reissues consists of two outstanding albums by trumpeter Kenny Dorham--Inta Something and Matador. Both have been reissued on CD in the past individually as well as together under the title Matador/Inta Something by Blue Note records but they've ...


Kenny Dorham: Trumpeter Laureate

Read "Kenny Dorham: Trumpeter Laureate" reviewed by Samuel Chell

The critic Gary Giddins once wrote that Kenny Dorham's name is “virtually synonymous with 'underrated'." Which raises a question. Is it possible for a musician who has achieved widespread fame for non-recognition to remain “deserving" of the description?

Possibly so, if Art Blakey's anointing of Dorham as the “uncrowned trumpet king" is to be taken seriously. Moreover, when you review even Dorham's more publicized credentials--Charlie Parker's preferred front-line partner 1948-50, trumpeter on the seminal Horace Silver session (And the Jazz ...


Kenny Dorham: Afro-Cuban

Read "Afro-Cuban" reviewed by Javier AQ Ortiz

Quick and to the Point: An ageless recording of true historical import in all matters Latin and Jazz.

Several basic and rather obvious reasons to check out this recording:

1. It is one of the earliest well-informed, conceived and arranged mergers of jazz and Afro- Cuban musical idioms. 2. It was –and remains– a germane album in the career of the all-star cast and producing crew. 3. It marks the recorded ...


Kenny Dorham: 'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia

Read "'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia" reviewed by Craig Jolley

Trumpeter Kenny Dorham played extensively with Charlie Parker, Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, and other New York heavyweights of the 1950's and 60's. He was a hot player, but he never built up his technique to the point where he could cut the most daring passages like his contemporaries Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan, and Freddie Hubbard. On the other hand he said more with his sound, which came in several shades of blue--he paid attention to nuance. He was ...


Kenny Dorham: Whistle Stop

Read "Whistle Stop" reviewed by Robert Spencer

If you’re looking for “straight ahead" jazz (in near-perfect form), here it is. Kenny Dorham plays here with the burning rhythm section John Coltrane used on Blue Train : Kenny Drew on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Philly Joe Jones on drums. Hank Mobley adds his tenor sax to this 1961 session that features Kenny mining the blues and more in a variety of contexts.

“’Philly’ Twist" is a Parkerian (Charlie, not Evan, folks) blues with energetic comping from ...

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