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James Taylor Quartet: James Taylor Quartet: Don't Mess With Mr. T

Read "James Taylor Quartet: Don't Mess With Mr. T" reviewed by Frederick Bernas

James Taylor's vintage Hammond-led outfit has consistently delighted lovers of jazz, funk and R&B in equal measure over the last twenty years. The group is most famous for its signature tune, the “Theme From Starsky and Hutch, but this album shows greater variety than the standard jam workout. Don't Mess With Mr. T: James Taylor Quartet Plays Motown is a series of 12 cover tracks from Marvin Gaye to Stevie Wonder. The quartet itself, which comprises Taylor ...


James Taylor Quartet's The First Sixty Four Minutes

Read "James Taylor Quartet's The First Sixty Four Minutes" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

James Taylor Quartet The First Sixty Four Minutes Re-elect The President/Acid Jazz 1988

Though virtually unknown in North America, the James Taylor Quartet has been a cult phenomenon in the UK for the past twenty years. The group began by revitalizing the great soul jazz of Blue Note's late-'60s/early-'70s catalog, then moved on to help lead the organic version of the acid jazz movement. The First Sixty Four Minutes is comprised of ...


James Taylor Quartet: Creation

Read "Creation" reviewed by Douglas Payne

A better title for U.K. organist / keyboardist James Taylor's fourth disc might be “ re creation." That goes for reincarnation and pure fun too. The giveaway is in the cover photo's pun of the famous shot from the 1966 mod film, Blow Up (itself highlighting some of Herbie Hancock's earliest dope jazz).

Creation is pure flashback. But while it apes past styles, Taylor has eschewed the late 60s lounge funk he trafficked in the past for an exceptionally entertaining ...


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