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Billabong Island Sound: Spring Baby

Read "Spring Baby" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

There exists music that is perfect for ambient listening (read that: “while in an altered state"). My favorite for many years has been UB40's debut Signing Off (Graduate Records, 1980). The groove on this recording is so highly refined and organically performed that its vibe just sinks into you as a listener, almost by osmosis. I have been hoping that some new music would come along that was as seamlessly created that it would forgo any thought digestion and go ...


Alisha Pattillo: Houston by Way of Singapore

Read "Alisha Pattillo: Houston by Way of Singapore" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Reed multi-instrumentalist Alisha Pattillo has a ubiquitous presence in Houston Texas, appearing with her own groups, which take on a variety of formats: Alisha's Quartet, Alisha's Quartet + 1 and Alisha's Quartet - 1. She is also the reed player for the Ezra Charles Band and Steve Krase & The in Crowd. Pattillo has recently released her self-produced debut, Along for the Ride (2012), celebrating the spirits of saxophonists Eddie Harris and fellow Houstonian Wilton Felder. Her ...


Alisha's Quartet: Along for the Ride

Read "Along for the Ride" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Alisha Pattillo's tenor saxophone case sports an impressive variety of destination stickers, real and metaphorical, where the young artist has visited in her life. Anglo-Australian, Patillo was raised in Singapore and proceeded to woodshed throughout Southeast Asia before receiving a first-rate schooling at Australia's Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, majoring in jazz saxophone and education preparation. So, after completing her studies in 2006, where does Pattillo finally land? Well, in Houston, Texas, of course, where she has become a ...

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