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Folklore and classicism from ECM: Dino Saluzzi's piano music & The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble

Read "Folklore and classicism from ECM: Dino Saluzzi's piano music & The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Two recent ECM releases deal with the interface of folk and classical music, each in its own way. Imágenes presents classical piano music composed by Dino Saluzzi, a musician strongly associated with the Argentinian tango tradition. Komitas takes classical compositions based on Armenian folk music and reimagines them played on the folk instruments that would have played them originally. Dino Saluzzi/Horacio Lavandera Imágenes--Music for piano ECM Records 2015 Argentinian bandoneon player/composer Dino ...


Dino Saluzzi Group: El Valle de la Infancia

Read "Dino Saluzzi Group: El Valle de la Infancia" reviewed by John Kelman

In his 32-year relationship with ECM Records, Argentinean bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi has explored many paths--paths upon which he has rarely traveled more than once, even if there were certain road marks common to them all. A pair of trio recordings with his son, guitarist José Maria Saluzzi, employed two different bassists--Marc Johnson on 1997's Cité de la Musique and Palle Danielsson on 2003's Responsorium--their graceful elegance possessing a similar but different intimacy when compared to the bandoneonist's ongoing duo with ...


Dino Saluzzi / Anja Lechner / Felix Saluzzi: Navidad de los Andes

Read "Navidad de los Andes" reviewed by John Kelman

Most musicians work with a wide range of other collaborators over time, but only a precious few become so empathically close as to engender ongoing relationships. It's no surprise that Argentinean bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi has continued to work with his brother, saxophonist/clarinetist Felix, their genetic bond clearly apparent on Dino Saluzzi Group recordings like Juan Condori (ECM, 2006). The bandoneonist's extra-familial bond with German-born cellist Anja Lechner--first, in his collaboration with the Rosamunde Quartette on Kultrum (ECM, 1998), and nearly ...


Dino Saluzzi / Gidon Kremer / Andrei Puchkarev: Giya Kancheli: Themes from the Songbook

Read "Giya Kancheli: Themes from the Songbook" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

There is a potent element in the sophisticated pioneer spirit of ECM Records and its founder, Manfred Eicher, that is perfectly illustrated by this recording. Giya Kancheli (born 1935) is a Georgian composer who has produced, among other compositions, film and stage scores over the past 40 years. Kancheli transformed the elements of these scores into piano reductions he called Simple Music for Piano, subtitled “33 miniatures from Music for Stage and Screen." Kancheli's son, Sandro, shortly ...


Dino Saluzzi: El Encuentro

Read "El Encuentro" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

On El Ecuentro, Argentine bandoneon master Dino Saluzzi teams with saxophonist brother Felix Saluzzi and cellist Anja Lechner in a meeting with Holland's Metropole Orchestra. It is Saluzzi's first recorded encounter with an orchestra, and his first ever live recording. More familiar ground for Saluzzi is his work with Lechner, on Ojos Negros (ECM, 2007), and Felix, on Juan Condori (ECM, 2006).The initial impression of El Encuentro is: this is serious stuff. The four compositions, all by Saluzzi, ...


Dino Saluzzi: El Encuentro

Read "El Encuentro" reviewed by John Kelman

Since first emerging on the ECM label in 1983, Argentinean bandoneonist/composer Dino Saluzzi has demonstrated that even the most ethnic of instruments needn't be stylistically pigeonholed. From the solo recital of Kultrum (1983) and unorthodox improvisational pairing with Norwegian drummer Jon Christensen on 2005's Senderos, to the all-star grouping of 1986's Once upon a time--Far away in the south, affectionate, chamber jazz setting of Responsorium (2003) and outgoing, family-driven Dino Saluzzi Group's Juan Condori (2006), the bandoneonist has proven, time ...


Dino and Jose Saluzzi: Family Guys

Read "Dino and Jose Saluzzi: Family Guys" reviewed by Eric Benson

“Remove the records from Texas, and someone will learn to sing," the composer John Cage once said. The life of Argentine bandoneonist/composer Dino Saluzzi lends weight to Cage's words. Saluzzi was born in 1935 in Campo Santo, a small city in the mountainous Argentine province of Salta, and learned music in the context of daily life without access to radio, recordings, or formal concerts. Even as Saluzzi moved to Buenos Aires, befriended Astor Piazzolla, composed symphonic works, and became an ...


Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner: Ojos Negros

Read "Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner: Ojos Negros" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner Ojos Negros ECM Records 2007

As of this writing, Ojos Negros, the new album of duets by bandoneón master Dino Saluzzi and classical cellist Anja Lechner, has been the subject of four glowing reviews at AAJ. Add to those Steve Lake's excellent liner notes and it would seem there is little else to say about this crepuscular and poetic record.Except this. Lake's liner notes recount a favorite ...


Dino Saluzzi / Anja Lechner: Ojos Negros

Read "Ojos Negros" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

This subtle, sublime collaboration finds Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner crafting music at once intimate, expansive and lyrical. The juxtaposition of Saluzzi's bandoneon with Lechner's cello produces mesmerizing textures and tones that are without parallel. It presents a fascinating combination of two extraordinary musicians that are among the most accomplished on their respective instruments. The sinuous resonance of bandoneon and cello weaves a spare but expressive dialogue, a dark meditation. Ojos Negros is the result of an ...


Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner at The Americas Society

Read "Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner at The Americas Society" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Dino Saluzzi & Anja LechnerThe Americas SocietyNew York, NYSaturday April 14, 2007 5:30-7:00 PM “The Americas Society promotes the understanding of the political, economic, and cultural issues that define and challenge the Americas today, from the Arctic Circle to the southernmost tip of Argentina" (from the website). A fortuitous convergence of events led to a reception for Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner coordinated by ECM Records, the Society and Merkin Concert Hall.


Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner: Ojos Negros

Read "Ojos Negros" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Call this music tango if you must--and the title track of the Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner set, Ojos Negros, is a tango tune from the pen of Vincente Greco. But this duet set, Saluzzi's bandoneon in a fluid, airy dance with Anja Lecher's cello, might better be categorized as “just music."The two instruments, individually, make some of the most beautiful sounds. This marriage--the interplay and blending on this South American-European hybrid (if we must categorize)--elevates the proceedings to a ...


Dino Saluzzi / Anja Lechner: Ojos Negros

Read "Ojos Negros" reviewed by Budd Kopman

What is beauty? What does it mean to feel, to remember, to laugh or to cry? How can music sound both created beforehand and recreated each second? Is music a direct connection to the infinite, to our very ground of being, so we can see into the musician's soul? These and many, many more questions are raised by Ojos Negros, the astonishing record by bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and cellist Anja Lechner. Saluzzi's Juan Condori (ECM, 2006) was ...

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