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Blue Touch Paper: Drawing Breath

Read "Blue Touch Paper: Drawing Breath" reviewed by John Kelman

It's difficult enough for an artist or group to deliver their sophomore effort, but it's even more of a challenge when their debut is as strong as Blue Touch Paper's surprising Stand Well Back (Provocateur, 2011). Blue Touch Paper is the brainchild of British keyboardist/composer Colin Towns, who has already garnered plenty of acclaim for his Mask Orchestra and Quintet, as well as his series of big band looks at the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra on Meeting of the ...


Blue Touch Paper: Stand Well Back

Read "Blue Touch Paper: Stand Well Back" reviewed by John Kelman

Blue Paper Touch Stand Well Back Provocateur Records 2011 Based on his recent work, creating impressive big band tribute projects including Visions of Miles--The Electric Period of Miles Davis (In+Out, 2009) and John Lennon--In My Own Write (Provocateur, 2011), it might be understandable to think of Colin Towns as an arranger and bandleader rather than a composer and performer. But arranging, at least the way Towns does it, is really composition; the only difference ...


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