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Sam Dillon: Force Field

Read "Force Field" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It doesn't take long to realize that Sam Dillon is on to something here. With drummer Anwar Marshall and bassist David Wong laying a grooving foundation on the opening title track, the tenor saxophonist sets off on a mighty chromatic quest. The lines, and what rumbles beneath them, set up an open playing field where pianist Theo Hill and Dillon himself freely and fiercely roam. The whole thing is said and done in less than five-and-a-half minutes, but it takes ...


New Releases and a focus on the RGG Trio

Read "New Releases and a focus on the RGG Trio" reviewed by Bob Osborne

A great selection of new releases from Sam Dillon, Alexander Hawkins and Carlos Bica, Daniel Erdmann, & DJ Ilvibe plus music from the Polish group RGG Trio with some very special guests.Playlist Alexander Hawkins “Song All The Way" from Iron Into World (Pears from an Elm) (Intakt) 00:00 Carlos Bica, Daniel Erdmann, DJ Illvibe “Caruma" from I Am The Escaped One (Clean Feed) 05:38 Sam Dillon “Force Field" from Force Field (Posi-tone) 12:38 Gonçalo Almeida, John Dikeman, George ...


Sam Dillon: Out in the Open

Read "Out in the Open" reviewed by Jack Bowers

One thing that must be said for Cory Weeds, the head man at Canada's Cellar Live Records: he knows talent when he sees and hears it. Tenor saxophonist Sam Dillon, who leads an excellent quartet on Out in the Open, his debut recording for Cellar Live, is a case in point. While Dillon is essentially unknown at present outside his New York City base, this laudable album should if nothing else help to widen his audience and enhance his visibility. ...