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Mark Whitecage: BushWacked: A Spoken Opera

Read "BushWacked: A Spoken Opera" reviewed by Rex  Butters

Mark Whitecage and The Bi-Coastal Orchestra step up to the podium to deliver the statement of sanity many people have been waiting on for five years. BushWacked takes aim at the deadly dada debacle that has inexplicably passed for government and foreign policy in the United States since the turn of the millennium. Whitecage and company surgically remove the masks from the gibbering ninnies and the slow-brained zombies who support them, using texts built of incisive previously published commentaries and ...


Mark Whitecage: BushWacked: A Spoken Opera

Read "BushWacked: A Spoken Opera" reviewed by Judith Insell

BushWacked takes a bold political stand, presenting a feeling through each track of anger, outrage and distrust of George W. Bush and his political regime. Joining Whitecage (alto sax and clarinet) are the members of the Bi-Coastal Orchestra: Rozanne Levine (alto and soprano clarinets), Bill Larimer (piano), Robert Mahaffay (drums) and Scott Steele (guitar), all of whom appear throughout as presenters of the spoken word material. The CD takes its text from news media excerpts (The Nation, ...


Mark Whitecage & The Bi-Coastal Orchestra: BushWacked

Read "BushWacked" reviewed by Mark Corroto

It may be true that the “eye of the needle Jesus spoke of in the gospels has been widened by our current President Bush to allow for CEOs to drive their SUVs straight into heaven, but they won't, and they cannot, motor with their windows open as the voices of opposition grow louder. Such is the message from Mark Whitecage, saxophonist and leader of the Bi-Coastal Orchestra. Like recent recordings from Charlie Haden's Liberation Orchestra and the Chicago Underground Trio, ...


Mark Whitecage: Free Music with Purpose

Read "Mark Whitecage: Free Music with Purpose" reviewed by John Kelman

Now in his mid-sixties, saxophonist/clarinetist Mark Whitecage has seen jazz through almost all its periods, most noticeably from being the popular music of the day to its current regrettable state as a niche style. And with an all-encompassing interest, he has played it all. Starting at an early age he played in his father’s various bands. “My first instrument,” says Whitecage, “was a curved soprano; I was six years old and I couldn’t fit anything else. I wanted to be ...


Mark Whitecage: Ducks on Acid

Read "Ducks on Acid" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Mark Whitecage, whose preferred instruments are the alto saxophone and clarinet, has supplemented his recorded acoustic endeavors with the plugged-in variety since the '70s, though the last decade has been his most fertile period. His acoustic work has placed him in the frequent company of Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen, Joe Fonda, and Michael Jefry Stevens. His electric side has surfaced mostly on his own Acoustics label, including four trio records with Duval and Rosen.

Ducks on Acid holds true to ...


A Fireside Chat With Mark Whitecage

Read "A Fireside Chat With Mark Whitecage" reviewed by AAJ Staff

When you speak to musicians on the East Coast, Mark Whitecage is mentioned. If you know nothing about Whitecage, know this, if musicians, his peers think of him as the poo, perhaps he is (the how can a billion Chinese people be wrong theory). You would never know this by reading any newspaper, which hardly knows anyone outside of Norah Jones. You would never know this by reading Rolling Stone or VIBE, which hardly knows anyone outside of Norah Jones. ...


Mark Whitecage Trio: Fractured Standards & Fairy Tales

Read "Fractured Standards & Fairy Tales" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The “Mark Whitecage Trio” packs a mighty punch on Fractured Standards & Fairy Tales - “Live on Tour in TOURS Vol. 1”. A limited edition release on the independent “Acoustics” label, the musicians weave noticeable elements of whimsy with subtle EFX induced treatments along with piping hot interplay and cunning improvisational speak. On the twenty-minute opener and title track, the band investigates complex rhythms amid metamorphic style grooves and sweeping undercurrents as Whitecage renders blistering lines whether performing on clarinet ...


Mark Whitecage & Eclectic Electric: Moon Blue Boggie

Read "Moon Blue Boggie" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Recent releases on the independent, “Acoustics” label present the listener with a candid snapshot of the very active modern jazz, new music saxophonist/improviser Mark Whitecage as Moon Blue Boogie is perhaps one of the artist’s finest efforts to date. One of three so called, “extremely limited releases”, here “Mark Whitecage & Eclectic Electric” are caught live at New York City’s “Knitting Factory” and “Cornelia Street Cafe” venues.

No doubt Whitecage has attained a significant or easily discernible comfort zone performing ...


Mark Whitecage: Turning Point

Read "Turning Point" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Improvised electronics have finally come of age. Some players simply use digital signal processing (eg. distortion, phasing, reverb) to allow them the opportunity to alter the tonality of their instruments. Others prefer to use a sampler to provide a second voice against which to improvise. The more advanced advocates of electronic improvisation perform processing, sampling, and looping in real time--making the electronic part of the performance just as 'live' and dynamic as the instrumental improv. This is thetruefusion, and only ...


Mark Whitecage: Research On the Edge

Read "Research On the Edge" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Mark Whitecage is inching ever closer to the status of most recorded CIMP session-man. With a total of eleven dates for the label under his belt the only other musicians who usurp him in terms of prolificacy for the label are bassist Dominic Duval and percussionist Jay Rosen (who also turns up on this date!). Musically however he is the farthest thing from the old stereotype of session player. Rather than one who arrives at a gig, plays his requisite ...


Mark Whitecage's Other Quartet: Consensual Tension

Read "Consensual Tension" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

On “Murmurings”, Whitecage (alto) and Mateen (tenor) trade some serious heat while Fonda and Sorgen swing or rumble and tumble in support of the clever and fire breathing improv from the saxophonists. “Drum Reso” emits notions of being a nursery rhyme for children who are destined to become modern or free jazz musicians when they grow up. Here, Whitecage and Mateen converge to state an almost childlike theme, which develops into something complex. On this piece we hear Joe Fonda’s ...


Mark Whitecage Quartet: Caged No More

Read "Caged No More" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

A 1997 release, Caged No More may serve as a metaphor for multi-reedman Mark Whitecage and his boundless array of musical propositions, formats and stylizations. Here, Whitecage along with longtime associate’s cellist, Tomas Ulrich, bassist Dominic Duval and drummer-percussionist Jay Rosen, stylistically demonstrate the fine art of improvisation! Recorded live at The Spirit Room in Rossie NY, The Quartet gain significant strides via the always stellar production and artful live recording techniques which has become a noteworthy commodity of the ...

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