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Anais Maviel with Miya Masaoka and Al Margolis at Y Not Jazz Room

Read "Anais Maviel with Miya Masaoka and Al Margolis at Y Not Jazz Room" reviewed by Alandra Markman

Anais Maviel with Miya Masaoka and Al Margolis Y Not Jazz Room Solo, Duet, and Trio Performances New York, NY August 9th, 2015 It is no hyperbole to call the French-Haitian singer Anais Maviel a force of nature. She sings from the heart and the gut, her voice merging with her environment for healing and revelation wherever she goes. Any context, from spare, painfully intimate solo shows to sprawling twenty-piece orchestral projects, is ...


Miya Masaoka: Unsquare & Koto Accordion

Read "Miya Masaoka: Unsquare & Koto Accordion" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

Maybe MondayUnsquareIntakt 2008

There are only a handful of koto players in the free improv world, but among them Miya Masaoka has set herself apart. Her qualities include a strong compositional sense, even when creating in the moment. It's something she shares with guitarist Fred Frith and saxophonist Larry Ochs, who--along with more than a decade together--are what makes Maybe Monday a ridiculously strong trio. And when a group knows its capacities ...

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