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Jessica Lurie: In It For The Long Haul

Read "Jessica Lurie: In It For The Long Haul" reviewed by Paul Rauch

Jazz music, in all its forms, spread throughout world culture, is deeply embedded in the American experience. It is a culture based phenomena uniquely reflecting that experience in such a personal and expressive way as to embrace the myriad of crosscurrents that express new interpretations of the form. It is deep as the physicality of its beings, from the heart that pumps life into its veins, to the soul and conscious understanding of the constant, forever assimilation of ...


Jessica Lurie: Long Haul

Read "Long Haul" reviewed by Paul Rauch

Jessica Lurie's new aptly titled release Long Haul (Chant, 2017) is a statement not of an arduous journey of endurance, but of her devotion to craft over three decades that has seen her carve out a musical identity of great diversity and depth. Her career personifies her experience as a strong woman instrumentalist, composer and vocalist in a male dominated genre, steeped in joyous interpretive revelation. While citing influences ranging from Klezmer, to Cuban, to jazz, Lurie's music is her ...


Jessica Lurie / Andrew Drury: That Is What It's Like To Be

Read "That Is What It's Like To Be" reviewed by Celeste Sunderland

Stylistic and atmospheric shifts occur frequently and abruptly on This Is What It's Like To Be, derived from a combination of skill and poor recording techniques. Saxophonist/flutist Jessica Lurie and drummer/percussionist Andrew Drury recorded four tracks in their basement “studio, and five others were captured live in varying locales. Though the result turns out rather disjointed, it's an interesting amalgamation of the various ways these two instruments can interact and interpret the music they make together, as well as apart. ...


Jessica Lurie: Drive & Licorice & Smoke

Read "Jessica Lurie: Drive & Licorice & Smoke" reviewed by Celeste Sunderland

The Tiptons Drive Zipa 2005 Jessica Lurie Licorice & Smoke Zipa 2006

The Tiptons, that notorious, all-female saxophone quartet from Seattle, have a tremendous amount of fun playing together. Throw on any of the group's albums, released by their former band The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet (named for a woman ...


Jessica Lurie Ensemble: Live at Bruno

Read "Jessica Lurie Ensemble: Live at Bruno" reviewed by Mark Sabbatini

When I argue there's enough quality jazz that's free and legal on the Internet to last any reasonable listener a lifetime, this is what I'm talking about.

Seattle native Jessica Lurie does more than deliver an outstanding 2.2-hour sax and vocal showcase of modern jazz in this February 18, 2005 performance in San Francisco. Some minimal Web browsing leads to more than 20 other full-length concerts of hers, including at least a couple hosted by a site ( ...

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