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Tales from Topographic Oceans (Definitive Edition)

Read "Tales from Topographic Oceans (Definitive Edition)" reviewed by John Kelman

It was the album that, based on challenges during the five months it took to record, should really never have come to pass. It was the album that broke a three studio album/one live recording winning streak of increasing critical acclaim. It was the album, when at least for some critics, suggested the group's seemingly endless wellspring of creative indulgences were beginning to cross over into excess. It was the album that began to divide the band's fanbase, for the ...


Yes at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury

Read "Yes at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

Yes NYCB Theatre at Westbury The Album Series: Drama + Topographic 1 & 4. The “Evening With Yes. Westbury, NY August 6, 2016 Yes is like the little engine that could. No matter what, regardless of any obstacle, the band continues to forge on. During the past (almost) 50 years, Yes has been the home to, at various times, 19 official members and another 2 touring members. Band members drift-in, drift-out, leave and eventually ...


Progeny - Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

Read "Progeny - Seven Shows from Seventy-Two" reviewed by John Kelman

A sad life truth is that, for far too many people, massive success changes everything. Despite making more money than would last the average family many lifetimes, they go through it like water; they gradually begin to believe all the positive press and massive sales, becoming legends in their own mind; and, perhaps worst of all, they lose the very edge and innovation that garnered them their success in the first place. Sadly, too, these things often don't bother fans: ...


Yes: Progeny - Highlights From Seventy Two

Read "Yes: Progeny - Highlights From Seventy Two" reviewed by Doug Collette

Progeny: Highlights From Seventy Two consists of ninety minutes of live recordings exhumed from Yes' 1972 tour, some of which were released as Yessongs (Atlantic, 1973). Culled from seven previously unreleased recordings of complete concerts, and sequenced to approximate a setlist of the time, this two package comes adorned in vintage Roger Dean artwork that, vivid as it is, cannot compare to the vibrancy of the music inside. Cognoscenti may or may not agree this material constitutes Yes' ...


Yes: Relayer

Read "Yes: Relayer" reviewed by John Kelman

YesRelayerPanegyric2014 (1974) Today's Rediscovery is an anomaly in the catalog of one of progressive rock's most innovative groups of the late 1960s/early '70s, and how better to experience it than with Steven Wilson's upgraded 2014 stereo (and 5.1 surround sound) remix, as the former Porcupine Tree frontman nears the release of his own Hand. Cannot. Erase. (Kscope, 2015). But back to Relayer. Wilson has described Lizard (DGM Live, 1970)--the first of his run ...


Yes at the NYCB Theatre At Westbury

Read "Yes at the NYCB Theatre At Westbury" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

Yes NYCB Theatre At Westbury Westbury, NY July 12, 2014 When Yes announced that it would be touring in the summer of 2014, it also stated that it would be playing its classic albums Fragile (Atlantic Records, 1971) and Close To The Edge (Atlantic Records, 1972) in their entirety, as well as excerpts from Heaven And Earth (Frontier Records, 2014) and some greatest hits selections. Quite a daunting proposition, especially considering that original lead vocalist ...


The Yes Album (Definitive Edition CD/Blu-Ray)

Read "The Yes Album (Definitive Edition CD/Blu-Ray)" reviewed by John Kelman

While later albums like Fragile (Atlantic, 1971) and the epic Close to the Edge (Atlantic, 1972) would establish Yes as superstars of the progressive rock world (and, to some extent, beyond), it was The Yes Album, also released by Atlantic but nine months earlier in February of 1971, that announced Yes a group with still-untapped potential but a group that had, nevertheless, finally arrived. It was a tumultuous time for a group whose career has subsequently been defined ...


Yes: Open Your Eyes

Read "Open Your Eyes" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Not well-received among diehard Yes fans, Open Your Eyes was originally released in 1997, and reissued here, in LP format, in 2012. Nowhere as prominent or striking as the band's classic '70s outings, here keyboardist Rick Wakeman is absent and replaced by keyboardist/guitarist Billy Sherwood, who lines up with eminent guitarist and longtime member Steve Howe. The bulk of this material lies between progressive rock and pop-rock, with most of it largely forgettable romps, sans memorable hooks or intriguing song ...


Styx / Yes: Wantagh, NY, July 11, 2011

Read "Styx / Yes: Wantagh, NY, July 11, 2011" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

Styx and Yes, with special guest Shane Alexander 2011 Nikon at Jones Beach Concert Series Wantagh, New York July 11, 2011The 2011 co-headlining Styx and Yes Progressive Tour rolled into Long Island, NY's Jones Beach Amphitheater on a windy July evening. Coming at the end of an exceedingly hot and humid day, the cool breezes that blew through the outdoor venue were just as welcome as the concert itself. Shane Alexander, a singer/songwriter/guitarist ...


Yes: Symphonic Live

Read "Symphonic Live" reviewed by John Kelman

Of all the progressive rock groups that emerged in the late '60s to achieve widespread success, surely Yes is the one for which collaborating with a symphony orchestra was meant to be. Working with an orchestra too early on its second album, Time and a Word (Atlantic, 1970), Yes had yet to evolve towards the rock equivalent of symphonic music on the iconic Fragile and Close to the Edge (both Atlantic, 1972). Thirty years would pass before Yes would work ...


Yes: Live at Montreux 2003

Read "Live at Montreux 2003" reviewed by John Kelman

While the Montreux Jazz Festival has long been more than just a jazz festival, with both veteran groups Yes and Jethro Tull performing at the 2003 edition, that year could have been re-titled the Montreux Progressive Rock Festival. Yes' set is especially notable as being amongst the best and most inspired live recordings the four decade-old group has made. Committed fans will point to Yessongs (Atlantic, 1973) as the group's live zenith, coming as it did during the band's most ...


Yes: Live at Montreux 2003

Read "Yes: Live at Montreux 2003" reviewed by John Kelman

Yes Live at Montreux 2003 Eagle Eye Media 2007

With nearly a dozen video releases available spanning almost its entire history, one has to wonder if another Yes concert DVD is really necessary. Those who picked up the Essentially Yes (Eagle Records, 2006) box set, which features a teaser bonus CD of an hour's worth of material from the group's performance at the 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival, know that this ...

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