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Trio X: Live in Vilnius

Read "Live in Vilnius" reviewed by Clifford Allen

It's been a decade since Trio X--reedman and cornetist Joe McPhee, drummer Jay Rosen and bassist Dominic Duval--released their debut, Watermelon Suite (CIMP, 1999). Though all three members of the trio are among the busiest improvising composers on the planet, that fact does nothing to diminish the empathy on which each Trio X recording is based. Their 2006 US tour was recently documented in a lavish seven-disc boxed set on CIMPoL. In March of that year, they toured Eastern Europe ...


Trio X: Roulette @ Location One

Read "Roulette @ Location One" reviewed by Marc Medwin

Trio X continues its increasingly longstanding tradition of meditative fire music with this stridently contemplative March 2006 live date. Not so much a series of pieces as a collective meditation on Black music and its history, the album is a palimpsest, bringing together various eras and styles in front of an enthusiastic audience. “My Funny Valentine, for example, is heavily laden with history on both sides of the color line and the Trio X version manages to ...


The Train & The River: A Musical Odyssey with Trio X

Read "The Train & The River: A Musical Odyssey with Trio X" reviewed by Lyn Horton

Trio X The Train and the River: A Musical Odyssey C.I.M.P. View 2007

Too few musicians in the past have been able to tell their own personal stories. It has been up to historians and critics to do the work of “educating (sometimes inaccurately) the public about the music that is seemingly less than accessible, but for the musician the most real. Fortunately, present-day technology affords musicians the opportunity to widely disseminate ...


Trio X: Moods: Playing with the Elements

Read "Moods: Playing with the Elements" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Recorded the day following Trio X's last release, The Sugar Hill Suite (CIMP, 2005), this new disc is both companion session and departure. That earlier date spent substantial space ruminating on the history and cultural legacy of the named Harlem neighborhood, and the music ended up less overtly incendiary as a result. This one aligns more with the band ethos established by the bulk of its catalog, emphasizing potent collective improvisation and a fair share of free jazz fireworks. Deviating ...


Trio X at Diverse Works

Read "Trio X at Diverse Works" reviewed by Frank Rubolino

Trio X DiverseWorks Houston, TX June 28, 2002 In continuation of the growing list of stellar performers who have appeared in Houston under the auspices of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, and Jay Rosen, collectively known as Trio X, made a deep impression at this early summer concert at DiverseWorks, an acoustically friendly venue in the warehouse district of downtown jny: Houston. McPhee was in town all week working with aspiring young ...


Trio X: On Tour

Read "On Tour" reviewed by John Sharpe

This is the third release by Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval and Jay Rosen, three virtuosi known collectively as Trio X. It was recorded live in March this year and must set a record for hitting the streets so quickly – all kudos to Cadence Jazz Records. Like previous releases by the group it is an intriguing blend of the lyrical, whether composed or extemporised, and the abstract. Where it differs is in the relationship with the American songbook – this ...

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