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Ojos De Brujo: Corriente Vital - 10 Anos

Read "Ojos De Brujo: Corriente Vital - 10 Anos" reviewed by Chris May

Ojos De BrujoCorriente Vital: 10 AnosWarner Music Spain2011 The word is that Corriente Vital: 10 Anos may be Barcelona-based Ojos De Brujo's final album. It is now over a decade since the Catalan and Gypsy collective released its debut, Vengue (Edel, 2000), in its unique flamenco, rumba, raga, dub, hip hop and jazz style. Since then, ODB has made seven world tours and three more magnificent studio albums--Bari (World Village, 2002), ...


Ojos de Brujo: Aocana

Read "Aocana" reviewed by Chris May

While for most people outside Spain, life with Ojos de Brujo began in 2004 with baritone (World Village), or later with Techari (Six Degrees, 2006), the Barcelona-based, Catalan and Gypsy collective has been together since the late 1990s, and released its first album, Vengue (Edel), in 1999. In all this time, the band has stayed true to its original vision: an intoxicating rainbow of flamenco, rumba, jazz, rap, reggae and funk, topped with anti-establishment, libertarian lyrics written in the main ...


Ojos de Brujo: Techari

Read "Techari" reviewed by AAJ Staff

The title of this album means “freedom," and if one word could be used to describe Ojos de Brujo's outernational outlook, that would be it. The Spanish band's deep and unflinching roots in the flamenco idiom have somehow prevented its ever-expanding scope from losing focus, which makes ODB something of a rare species in the misnomered world of “global fusion." Perhaps the ancient-to-future outlook of these modern gypsies could only have happened in a singular place like Barcelona, which is ...


Ojos de Brujo: Girando Bari

Read "Ojos de Brujo: Girando Bari" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Ojos de Brujo Girando baritone (Touring baritone) Diquela Records 2005

Ojos de Brujo may explode, implode or simply vaporize, depending on the vagaries of market forces and the challenges of keeping a collective alive, but one thing I can guarantee you with 100% certainty: this band will never sell out. Pop music icons sometimes do fall to temptation--Snoop Dogg has been hawking Chrysler and Flava Flav is pushing Miller Lite--but these Spanish outcats are ...


Ojos de Brujo: Remezclas de la Casa

Read "Remezclas de la Casa" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Ojos de Brujo, a Barcelona collective whose name means “eyes of the wizard," took worldwide audiences by storm with its first international release, baritone (World Village, 2004), helped in no small part by prominent exposure on American college radio. By combining insistent flamenco with hip-hop, rumba, North African and Indian rhythms, and other less straightforward styles, the group broke down a huge number of barriers with respect to what listeners have come to expect from Spanish music. Out of the ...


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