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Jazz Meets Death

Read "Jazz Meets Death" reviewed by Matt Lavelle

There once was a great music. It was born in America and branded with the name Jazz. The music was later re-named madam Zzaj, by one of her lovers, the Duke. She grudgingly accepted the moniker of Jazz over the years. It was how she was bought and sold after all. Jazz had several intimate relationships over the years. Each one of these caused her to experience tremendous spiritual and emotional transformation. There was the great Armstrong, who raised her ...


Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro: Harmolodic Monk

Read "Harmolodic Monk" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Every time it looks like all the gold has been mined from Thelonious Monk's music, somebody comes along to prove otherwise. Harmolodic Monk finds multi-instrumentalist Matt Lavelle and percussionist John Pietaro applying saxophone icon(oclast) Ornette Coleman's freeing philosophical ideal(s) to Monk's oft-performed music. To some, the resultant performances may seem far more complex than the originals, complete with mind-expanding abstractions, reductions, and alterations. To others, this music may be very simple to grasp. In truth, both viewpoints ...


Matt Lavelle and John Pietaro: Harmolodic Monk

Read "Harmolodic Monk" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

In multi-instrumentalist Matt Lavelle's insightful blog, “That Fat Eb Feels Mahogany to Me," he discusses a challenge shared by many jazz musicians: “With people doing more and more repertoire projects to get work and for sheer love of that artist, I have been thinking about ways to explore the relationships between the kings without doing a straight cop. Playing obscure tunes is one thing, but there must be a way to look at their work from a new perspective."


The Jazz Musician's Tarot Deck

Read "The Jazz Musician's Tarot Deck" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

The Jazz Musician's Tarot Deck Matt Lavelle 55 pages ISBN: 14186207 Lulu 2013 Multi-instrumentalist Matt Lavelle is an artist who loves a challenge. Not content to play one instrument, he plays several: trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, and alto clarinet. Looking to expand his creativity, he started blogging a few years ago, which led to publishing the memoir and how-to guide New York City Subway Drama, and Beyond. Seeking to go beyond straight autobiography, Lavelle's ...


Matt Lavelle: New York City Subway Drama, and Beyond

Read "Matt Lavelle: New York City Subway Drama, and Beyond" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

New York City Subway Drama, and BeyondMatt LavelleSoftcover; 196 pagesISBN: 9781462044412iUniverse2011 Jazz autobiographies are a genre all their own, running the gamut from the no-holds-barred disclosures of trumpeter Miles Davis, to the cautious reflections of pianist Paul Bley, to the mystical insights of bassist Victor Wooten. A new and welcome entry is multi-instrumentalist Matt Lavelle's New York City Subway Drama, and Beyond, which has the rare quality of ...


Matt Lavelle: Goodbye New York, Hello World

Read "Goodbye New York, Hello World" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

Multi-instrumentalist Matt Lavelle's CD is entitled Goodbye New York, Hello World--and he means it. Since 1999, Lavelle has been a vital part of the New York City avant-garde jazz scene: in addition to electrifying live performances and impressive CD releases, he has also been a thoughtful commentator on the music world, including blogs, Facebook posts, and a memoir-in-progress that's creating a buzz both online and off. These days, Lavelle's music and life have been taking him increasingly to Europe--including an ...


Matt Lavelle: Spiritual Power and War Rug

Read "Matt Lavelle: Spiritual Power and War Rug" reviewed by Jeff Stockton

Matt Lavelle Trio Spiritual Power Silkheart 2007 Eye Contact War Rug KMB Records 2007

Jazz trios led by a horn other than a saxophone are something of a rarity and while Matt Lavelle is known primarily as a trumpet player (William Parker's Little Huey Orchestra), on Spiritual Power he mostly divides the bulk ...


The Courage to Really Play...

Read "The Courage to Really Play..." reviewed by AAJ Staff

By Matt Lavelle People have dedicated their lives, suffered and died in pursuit of becoming one with a music that, at its core, is a music that makes being a human being really mean something. This music can save lives. People hold on to moments in this music when there is nothing left to hold on to. These moments are something that you can hold right in your hand, right in your heart and ...


Matt Lavelle: Matt Lavelle: Trumpet Rising and Bass Clarinet Moon

Read "Matt Lavelle: Trumpet Rising and Bass Clarinet Moon" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

Matt Lavelle is one of the bright lights in today's avant-garde jazz scene, his trumpet and bass clarinet exploding with passionate spirit and unwavering intent. His newest CD, Trumpet Rising Bass Clarinet Moon , was recorded at the esteemed Music Now! series, a roving festival that's a must for anyone interested in where jazz is heading. The CD's four cuts serve as documentation of Lavelle's work from 1990 to 2000, providing a satisfying summation of Lavelle's inner and outer journey. ...


Matt Lavelle Quartet: Handling the Moment

Read "Handling the Moment" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Thirty-two year old trumpeter Matt Lavelle hails from the Rockland County area of New York State. With this release, he reaps the benefits of a seasoned rhythm section, featuring seminal CIMP session drummer and solo artist Lou Grassi. In addition, Lavelle matches wits with tenor saxophonist Ras Moshe for an abundance of group-based highlights.

At times the band spurs remembrances of the late Art Blakey’s fabled Jazz Messengers, as they commingle open-ended improvisational flurries with compact exchanges ...

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