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Offpiste Gurus: In Case Of Fire

Read "In Case Of Fire" reviewed by Budd Kopman

And now, as they say, for something completely different. In Case Of Fire is “Scandinavian Indie-Pop Jazz" for want of any other label, by the group Offpiste Gurus (vocalist/poet/songwriter Trinelise Væring, reedman Fredrik Lundin, bassist Thomas Vang and drummer/percussionist Jeppe Gram). “Offpiste" literally means skiing purposefully on ungroomed trails, that is off the beaten path, and an extended meaning of broadly doing the unexpected. How this applies here is that the album, which consists of eleven tracks all ...


Take Five with Trinelise Vaering and Fredrik Lundin aka Offpiste Gurus

Read "Take Five with Trinelise Vaering and Fredrik Lundin aka Offpiste Gurus" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Trinelise Vaering and Fredrik Lundin aka Offpiste Gurus:Offpiste Gurus was formed as collaboration between Trinelise and Fredrik in 2008. The band's first album will be released on Stunt Records in 2010.

Instrument(s):Vocal, saxophones, guitar, bass and drums.Teachers and/or influences?Our music sounds somehow like a mix of all the music we love, blues, roots, jazz, country, rock, trip hop. We've been influenced by musicians and bands like Tom ...

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