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George Shearing Centennial, Woodstock turns 50 and the Charlie Parker Festival

Read "George Shearing Centennial, Woodstock turns 50 and the Charlie Parker Festival" reviewed by Mary Foster Conklin

The celebration of 1969 continued in this broadcast, which included new releases from vocalists Nicholas Bearde, The New York Voices and Quiana Lynell, pianist Alberto Pibiri & the Al Peppers, plus a special Woodstock tribute by Erik Applegate & Time Child, with birthday shout outs to Pat Metheny in the first hour, Mary Stallings (80!) and George Shearing in the third hour (100!), and Bill Evans in the final hour, among others. As always, a preview of who played in ...


August Birthdays, including the George Shearing Centennial

Read "August Birthdays, including the George Shearing Centennial" reviewed by Marc Cohn

August jazz birthdays this week on Gifts and Messages. We feature pianist George Shearing for his 100th birthday, along with Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker (2020 is the Bird centennial. Are you ready?), Count Basie and Lester Young. Among the living we give thanks for Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, Cecile McLorin-Salvant and Branford Marsalis. And there are singers Eddie Jefferson and Jimmy Rushing, reedmen Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Benny Carter (at the Savoy Ballroom), pianist Oscar Peterson and trumpeter Bill Coleman. ...


George Shearing: George Shearing at Home

Read "George Shearing at Home" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Pianist Sir George Shearing (1919--2011) was himself an integral part of the be bop jazz movement in the late 1940s. His quintet that featured vibraphone and guitar with the standard piano trio was sonically ground breaking. His precise and measured piano style influenced a generation of pianists and several of his compositions ("Lullaby of Birdland" and “Conception") have become jazz standards. He was not flashy, but a solid, well-considered player whose playing could always be counted on to be elegant ...


George Shearing Quintet

Read "George Shearing Quintet" reviewed by Douglas Payne

The great pianist George Shearing (1919-2011) helmed a classic jazz quintet from 1949 through 1978. The best of these recordings were made while Shearing was contracted with Capitol between 1955 and 1969. Here is a sample of the finest of the George Shearing Quintet's recordings. TrackNameTimeArtistAlbum1 Strange2:53George ShearingThe Shearing Spell-Velvet Carpet2 Yesterdays3:14George ShearingThe Shearing Spell-Velvet Carpet3 Out Of This World3:21George ShearingThe Shearing Spell-Velvet Carpet4 Cuban Fantasy2:28George ShearingThe Shearing Spell-Velvet Carpet5 'Round Midnight3:01George ShearingThe Shearing Spell-Velvet Carpet6 If ...


George Shearing: Like Fine Wine

Read "Like Fine Wine" reviewed by Ken Hohman

George Shearing has never been one to be accused of playing too loud. His urbane sound of piano, vibraphone and guitar playing in unison made his records some of the most popular jazz albums of the '50s and '60s. But for those who acquired a taste for his brand of jazz, there was much beauty to be discovered beneath the genteel swing of “The Shearing Spell." And that is much the case for Like Fine Wine.

Performed in a sympathetic ...


George Shearing: Like Fine Wine

Read "Like Fine Wine" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

George Shearing's latest release, Like Fine Wine, presents the renowned pianist/composer in a trio setting performing a series of-sadly-quite tired standards. Certainly, Shearing's abilities are in evidence, shinning through at odd moments throughout the course of the album, but the pieces are taken at such a meandering pace, and have been aged to such a mellow quality, that the resulting interpretations slip dangerously close to the smooth jazz versions, with the most egregious takes sounding almost like ...


George Shearing: Lullabies of Birdland - A Musical Autobiography

Read "Lullabies of Birdland - A Musical Autobiography" reviewed by Russell Moon

George Shearing has written an autobiography entitled Lullaby of Birdland. To coincide with its release, Concord has issued a 2-CD set of the pianist's recordings, entitled Lullabies of Birdland. Most of the selections are from Shearing's 1980s Concord canon, but works from other labels are also here, including three early recordings from MGM and two 1990s items from Telarc. The songs are presented in chronological order.

Shearing is not known as a father of the cool school, but the three ...


George Shearing/Cannonball Adderley Quintets: At Newport

Read "At Newport" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The Newport Jazz Festival, July 5, 1957.

At Newport is a potent study in contrasts. Presented here are back-to-back sets, all previously unreleased, by the respective quintets at the 1957 event. Adderley’s band emits the Southern funk of the Delta, the church, and the roadhouse, testifying the cleansing fire of the blues. Shearing, on the other hand, exudes a polished British urbanity as heard in "the Shearing Sound," with its combination of high end vibes, low end guitar, ...


George Shearing (Koch Jazz: The Heart and Soul of Joe Williams and George Shearing / Out of this World

Read "The Heart and Soul of Joe Williams and George Shearing / Out of this World" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Title:The Heart and Soul of Joe Williams and George Shearing / Out of this World


Artist Name:George Shearing

Record Label:Koch Jazz (51001 / 51002)


Koch Jazz's George Shearing Collector's Series.

Hailing from London, George Shearing has been making music for the past six decades. He has been on hand for the development of Jazz since Be Bop. He penned the standard “Lullaby of Birdland" as well as the oft-cited “Conception. Presently are two Koch Jazz re-releases of two ...


George Shearing: Back To Birdland

Read "Back To Birdland" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Back To Birdland is aptly named. The man most closely associated with the club returned, not to the original Birdland on Broadway, but to the newly reconstituted club on 44th Street. And George Shearing--whose mastery of the piano gained heightened appreciation after he left his might-as-well-be-patented quintet format for vibrant trios, memorable vocal partnerships, exceptional duos with Brian Torff and one-of-a-kind work with Mel Tormé --returned in the year 2000, almost a half century later, to the same style that ...


George Shearing - Brian Torff: Lullaby Of Birdland

Read "Lullaby Of Birdland" reviewed by AAJ Staff

With the re-release of two earlier albums in the 2-CD Lullaby Of Birdland compilation, Concord has accomplished more than recalling the George Shearing's association with the label. Concord is giving proof of the reason for it.Simply put, Lullaby Of Birdland provides the evidence for Concord's signing of Shearing. The two albums within, Blues Alley Jazz and On A Clear Day, present Shearing in a duo with bassist Brian Torff that engages audiences on two coasts: one at the ...


George Shearing: Reflections

Read "Reflections" reviewed by AAJ Staff

In celebration of his eighty-first year, Telarc is releasing a tidy and organized package of George Shearing's work on the eight albums he has recorded on the label in the past eight years. Reflections is notable because it was carefully produced to compare Shearing's styles as it showcases his ultimate consistency and strengths. At the same time, the album serves as a reminder that Telarc has surrounded Shearing with a variety of formats, and he has recorded in a variety ...

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