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Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011

Read "Sade:  Bring Me Home - Live 2011" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

SadeBring Me Home: Live 2011Epic2012There is no need for the singer Sade to sucker the fans with this sort of ploy. The Once In A Lifetime tour started in April 2011 and ended nine months later with shows in America, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia--106 shows to 800,000 people grossing over $53 million dollars. The band had not toured in a decade and as devout fan knows it might be ten ...


Sade: The Ultimate Collection

Read "The Ultimate Collection" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

Did the world really need a new Sade “best of" album? Possibly, since it has been 17 years two albums of new material since The Best of Sade (Epic,1994). The timing of The Ultimate Collection is in no small part related to the fact Sade is off on her first world tour in a decade; since Soldier of Love (Epic, 2010) is a year old now she needed to put out “new" product to whet the appetite of the fans.


Sade: Soldier of Love

Read "Soldier of Love" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

The best thing about Sade Adu is also the worst thing about Sade Adu: her near fanatical commitment to consistency. There's no difference between vintage Sade and contemporary Sade. She's the antithesis of the snowfall cliché: with Sade you always know exactly what you're going to get.Soldier of Love is Sade's first album in a decade, and only the sixth by the group in 25 years. Flooding the market with material is not a crime Adu can be ...


Sade, a Smooth Operator, sings of No Ordinary Love, and Is That A Crime?

Read "Sade, a Smooth Operator, sings of No Ordinary Love, and Is That A Crime?" reviewed by Daniel Garrett

An Appreciation of the Music of Sade Adu, Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, and Paul S. Denman, who write and perform songs about friendship, love, and sympathy in both cosmopolitan and common lives in a world driven by money and roiled by politics “Wisdom is the flame, wisdom is the brave warrior who will carry us into the sun. I pray that it's swift though tears will come that fall like rain," sings Sade Adu in the “Slave Song" ...

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