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Nate Radley: Morphoses

Read "Morphoses" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Jazz keeps taking twists and turns, and the joy of hearing something completely new can instead turn into surprise. For Morphoses, guitarist Nate Radley has brought together his band mates from Bad Touch-- saxophonist Loren Stillman and drummer Ted Poor, along with bassist Matt Pavolka to produce an album of Americana filtered through a jazz mindset. The result is enjoyably enticing, with a sense of depth and intensity produced more through its emotional content rather than the intellect. ...


Nate Radley: Morphoses

Read "Morphoses" reviewed by Ian Patterson

It took Nate Radley a while to graduate from sideman/band member to leader, but The Big Eyes (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2012) was an impressive debut that called for a quick follow-up. Happily, Radley seems to be on a roll. Carillon (Steeplechase, 2013) pitted Radley alongside Ted Poor, Chris Cheek and Matt Clohesy on an eclectic set of atmospherically diverse originals and swinging standards. On Morphoses the guitarist once again surrounds himself with frequent collaborators Poor, Loren Stillman and Matt ...


Nate Radley: Morphoses

Read "Morphoses" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

There are guitarists out there who seek to burn an impression of their work into ears and minds, and there are others who manage to make an impression simply by being themselves. Nate Radley falls into the second category. His music isn't forceful, but it still manages to make an impact. On Morphoses, Radley shifts between, and occasionally fuses, low-key modern jazz and Americana language(s). There's a number that references Merle Travis ("Travis"); there are pieces that ...


Nate Radley: The Big Eyes

Read "The Big Eyes" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Jazz musicians often emphasize the importance of having big ears when finding a place in the music, but big eyes are equally important. Tunnel vision and a general lack of ability to see the big picture have plagued many a musician, but guitarist Nate Radley needs no corrective musical lenses. Radley's panoramic outlook and long range sight give him a unique perspective that's on display for all to hear on his debut recording. Radley has been building ...


Nate Radley: The Big Eyes

Read "The Big Eyes" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Guitarist Nate Radley has turned in some great sideman performances. On alto saxophonist Loren Stillman's Winter Fruits (Pirouet, 2009), he teamed with organist Gary Versace and drummer Ted Poor for one of that year's more unusual--and unusually fine--recordings; and in 2010, he joined another intrepid saxophonist, Marc Mommaas, on the modernistic Landmarc, a string-heavy set with fellow guitar slingers Vic Juris, and Rez Abbasi.The Big Eyes finds Radley debuting in the leader's chair, serving up out an original ...


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