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Andrea Centazzo: Guitars

Read "Guitars" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Live improvisation is ephemeral yet creative, a fleeting sonic moment in time that is lost as quickly as sound dissipates through space. Paradoxically, a recording of that same performance is eternally uninspired, each playing being identical to the one before it. For three decades, percussionist/electronicist Andrea Centazzo has been among the most successful at blurring that dialectic. Centazzo blurs lots of things though and in the process he has amassed a daunting archive of releases, many on ...


Andrea Centazzo: Guitars

Read "Andrea Centazzo: Guitars" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Andrea Centazzo Guitars Ictus Records 2009

Intuition plays the dominant role in the interaction between percussionist Andrea Centazzo and seven guitar improvisers on this set of collaborations recorded over a wide span of time. Centazzo plays in duo and trio settings, occasionally adding another voice. What transpires is an explosion of processes that take the art of invention to a new high.

Centazzo has been an active musician and composer ...


Andrea Centazzo: West Coast Trio

Read "West Coast Trio" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

A man of many talents, Andrea Centazzo is a composer at home with classical, jazz and experimental music. As a musician, he plays percussion and keyboards, and is not immune to sampling to add to the impact.

Centazzo's music breathes and reverberates from the input of his band. He calls for an intuitive response to develop the theme and both Kai Kurosawa (guitar) and Motoka Honda (piano) help realize the depth and tangibility of his compositions. ...


ROVA Saxophone Quartet and Andrea Centazzo: The Bay

Read "The Bay" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Ictus Records was co-founded by percussionist Andrea Centazzo with Carla Lugli in the late 1970s. The focus was on improvised music, contemporary styling and avant-garde jazz. Centazzo and Lugli ran the label until 1984 when the financial burden became too heavy to carry on. During that time, Ictus had a strong catalog with recordings of Centazzo, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Gianluigi Trovesi and ROVA. Saxophone Quartet among others.

Ictus was resurrected after a hiatus of thirty years. Several ...


Andrea Centazzo: The Heart of Wax

Read "The Heart of Wax" reviewed by John Barron

In 2001, Italian composer/percussionist Andrea Centazzo assembled a first-rate ensemble of strings, winds, keyboards and percussion to record his adventurous ballet suite, The Heart of Wax. The music, commissioned by the arts council of the municipality of Cento, was written for a forgotten libretto by Italian artist Alberto Martini (1876-1954). Newly edited and re-mastered for Centazzo's own Ictus Records, The Heart of Wax casts the Italian free-jazz pioneer in the role of composer/conductor, demonstrating superlative mastery of orchestration. ...


Andrea Centazzo, Perry Robinson, Nobu Stowe: The Soul in the Mist

Read "The Soul in the Mist" reviewed by John Barron

On The Soul in the Mist, legendary composer/percussionist Andrea Centazzo leads a dazzling set of introspective, communal improvisation with the help of renowned clarinetist Perry Robinson and pianist Nobu Stowe. The musical explorations on this live recording, taken from two east coast concerts in November of 2006, have a meditative, trance-like quality, spacious and hauntingly patient.

For the most part, Centazzo defines the mood of each selection with definitive percussion introductions. However, the minimalist nature to his compositions allows each ...


Andrea Centazzo: The Soul in the Mist

Read "The Soul in the Mist" reviewed by Budd Kopman

The music from Soul in the Mist was taken from two live performances towards the end of 2006. Having heard most of this music performed at the Rubin Museum as part of its Harlem in the Himalayas program, I can say that the quality of the earlier performances and their recording was very high indeed.

Andrea Centazzo is an outstanding percussionist, both naturally and electronically processed. Thirty years ago, his independent label, Ictus Records, was in the forefront of the ...


Andrea Centazzo / Henry Kaiser: Infinity Squared

Read "Infinity Squared" reviewed by Fred Bouchard

Nigh three decades are flown since these two weird brothers met and they recreate some of their own internal thunder, lightning and hailstorms here. Italian percussionist straordinario Andrea Centazzo has deepened his fascination with tintinnabulatory trinkets, sonic booms and visual-media outings (lost here), while guitar bad boy and madcap collaborator Henry Kaiser has honed yet broadened his cultural horizons (a celebrated series with Malagasy musicians) and unbridled explorations of plectra. These guys set each other off like sodium and chloride, ...


Andrea Centazzo and the Ictus Renaissance Project at the Rubin Museum

Read "Andrea Centazzo and the Ictus Renaissance Project at the Rubin Museum" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Andrea Centazzo and the Ictus Renaissance ProjectRubin Museum of Art, 150 West 17th StreetNew York City, New YorkFriday, March 9, 2007. 7:00 PM The Rubin Museum of Art first opened its doors on October 4, 2004, dedicating itself to the art and culture of the Himalayas and the surrounding regions. This spring, a program called Harlem in the Himalayas presents jazz at the museum. Percussionist Andrea Centazzo, whose Ictus Records label ...


Centazzo - Coxhill - Koglmann - Schiaffini: Situations

Read "Situations" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Situations represents material culled from the archives of percussionist Andrea Centazzo's old 'ICTUS' label. The previously unreleased tracks, titled 'Situations: 'I-VII', were recorded in 1982, featuring trumpeter/flugelhornist Franz Koglmann, soprano saxophonist Lol Coxhill and Centazzo as this multinational aggregation of modern jazz/improvising superstars pursue a subdued search and destroy musician via supple dialogue and animated call and response digressions. With these pieces, the instrumentalists delve into softly stated themes of an often-climactic nature. Soprano saxophonist Lol Coxhill's spiraling, extended notes ...


Andrea Centazzo/Steve Lacy: Clangs

Read "Clangs" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Just as significant as Atavistic's Unheard Music Series and those scholarly boxes from Mosaic Records is the ICTUS reissue series on New Tone. Percussionist Andrea Centazzo and his wife Carla Lugli started their own label. Like Incus from the UK, ICTUS was run by artists for creative artists. Prompted by the war in Bosnia, Centazzo relented to the demands to release these long out-of-print LPs on CD. He donates profits from these record sales to the relief efforts. If that ...


Andrea Centazzo & Gianluigi Trovesi: Shock!!

Read "Shock!!" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Not shocking, but wonderfully atmospheric. When the Mitteleuropa Orchesta broke up, two of its members joined forces for a series of concerts. Their rapport was great; Centazzo says they had 'the ability to reinvent on stage every night what was essentially a conversation between friends.' And they have plenty to say: while Andrea crashes, Trovesi hums, swoops, and decorates the evolving rhythm. It's a world of sound, a whirl of emotion ' and a shock to the system.

Andrea, persistent ...

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