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Theo Croker: It's Just Black Music

Read "Theo Croker: It's Just Black Music" reviewed by Keith Henry Brown

In a field teeming with talented young lions, the bright sound of trumpeter Theo Croker still sticks out. Grandson of the legendary jazz trumpeter Doc Cheatham, the native Floridian graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and is part of a new movement of emerging jazz artists who expertly incorporate hip hop, electronic and R&B elements in their sound in an organic, fluid way. Croker's music both harks back and looks forward at the same time, a balancing act that ...


Theo Croker 4 Swing at Cotton's Shanghai

Read "Theo Croker 4 Swing at Cotton's Shanghai" reviewed by Jenn Chan Lyman

Theo Croker 4 Swing Cotton's Shanghai November 11, 2009 For the past three Wednesdays, Shanghai's favorite “bar-in-a-lane-house" has been presenting A Swinging Affair at Cotton's from 9pm to 12:30am. The quartet performs on the floor right beside the patrons, sitting on the same plush red chairs that Cotton's is renowned for and playing as if they were in their own living rooms. Trumpeter and band leader Theo Croker managed to gather together four ...


Theo Croker Quintet at House of Blues & Jazz in Shanghai

Read "Theo Croker Quintet at House of Blues & Jazz in Shanghai" reviewed by Jenn Chan Lyman

Theo Croker Quintet House of Blues & Jazz Shanghai, China October 26, 2009

On Monday nights House of Blues & Jazz offers a rarity on the Shanghai jazz scene: original music. Tunes written by the players on stage are a special treat when you've been around town listening to covers of standards for the past couple of months. No better place than the o.g. House, where the sound will most likely be supreme ...


Theo Croker: Ace of Trumps

Read "Theo Croker: Ace of Trumps" reviewed by Jenn Chan Lyman

If you've never seen Theo Croker before, he's a pretty easy one to spot. He's the one with the trumpet by his side at all times. The neat dreadlocks and mischievous glint in his eye are also dead giveaways. Having grown up in the U.S. in a musically oriented family, Croker was introduced to the world of jazz and the blues at a young age. He picked up the trumpet at 11 and has been a virtuoso ever since, recording ...


Theo Croker: The Fundamentals

Read "The Fundamentals" reviewed by Ivana Ng

Theo Croker's The Fundamentals is a meticulous record. In the liner notes, the 21-year-old grandson of Doc Cheatham, who composed and arranged every song, describes many of the tunes in technical terms. This attention to detail--and perhaps also a need for the listener to understand the songs on levels both technical and non-technical--allows the record to be intricate without being cryptic. “Interlude One," which serves as the bass line for “The Fundamentals," is strangely compelling. Though the ...


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