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Sam Sadigursky: Follow The Stick

Read "Follow The Stick" reviewed by Budd Kopman

After spending nearly ten years with the four Words Project albums (see here, here and here for three of them), reedman and multi-instrumentalist Sam Sadigursky has decided to concentrate on clarinet, returning to purely instrumental music with Follow The Stick. Starting initially with a trio comprised of pianist Bobby Avey (who work with Dave Liebman's latest group is stellar; see Samsara , and The Puzzle) and drummer Jordan Perlson, the group was expanded to include vibraphonist Chris Dingman. ...


Sam Sadigursky: Follow The Stick

Read "Follow The Stick" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It's a new day for multi-reedist Sam Sadigursky. After spending many a year focusing on The Words Project--a well-balanced exploration of the relationship between poetry and music that yielded four recordings on the New Amsterdam imprint--Sadigursky is focusing on a different project, recording for a different label, and emphasizing his work on clarinet. The music presented on this album straddles a variety of worlds and styles, bringing chamber-esque angles, dance forms, metric twists, outré ideals, minimalistic thoughts, ...


Sam Sadigursky: Words Project III Miniatures

Read "Words Project III Miniatures" reviewed by Martin Gladu

There is something of genius in Sam Sadigursky's musical poeticizing. Indeed, besides his knack for casting the most uncanny yet perfect voices for his eclectic and at times Kafka-esque sets, the Brooklyn-based reedman/composer is rapidly becoming the beacon of modern jazz-informed musical prosody. In this capacity, he replenishes the dormant format with a daring, integrated approach to composition, cadence and arranging, while remaining creatively respectful towards the texts he sets to music. As unsettling as some of his arrangements may ...


Sam Sadigursky: Words Project II

Read "Words Project II" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Multi-instrumentalist Sam Sadigursky has released the second of his Words Projects, wherein musicians and like-minded vocalists present poetry in a beat-cum-back to the future manner. This is not your grandfather's poems read over a bongo but is creative integration of vocals into an instrumental fabric. Sadigursky's saxophones and clarinet as well as Pete Rende's piano/Rhodes and accordion thoroughly blend with the vocals to create a “'reading" true to the overall meter and phrasing of the poem(s). Nate ...


Sam Sadigursky: Words Project II

Read "Words Project II" reviewed by Martin Gladu

"On the dark and difficult path you have chosen, you sometimes lose your way." As if by premonition, the opening phrase from New York City-based reedman/composer Sam Sadigursky's Words Project II not only summarizes its leader's against-the-grain approach, but the album's less conclusive result than the initial The Words Project (New Amsterdam, 2007). In the first installment, selected texts from Mark Boog, Osip Mandelshtam and Sylvia Plath offered glimpses of his penchant for putting listeners ill-at-ease and confronting them with ...


Sam Sadigursky: The Words Project

Read "The Words Project" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Ambition is good. It focuses the mind towards a distant goal, keeping it pointed in the correct direction. When artistic ambition is combined with the talent to fulfill the plan, something special is bound to happen. The Words Project is reedman Sam Sadigursky's leadership debut, and that he chose to mix words and music is ambition of the highest order. That it succeeds so completely is a tribute to the faith Sadigursky had in his vision. Music ...


Take Five With Sam Sadigursky

Read "Take Five With Sam Sadigursky" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Sam Sadigursky: Saxophonist Sam Sadigursky has played and recorded with artists as diverse as Ray Brown and Brad Mehldau. He is the winner of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award (2003, 2005), the NFAA/IAJE Clifford Brown/Stan Getz Fellowship (1997), and the John Coltrane Young Artist Award (1996). Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, he performs in many top jazz venues, Broadway pits and has toured the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Japan. He has also played in the Monterey, JVC, ...


Sam Sadigursky: The Words Project

Read "Sam Sadigursky: The Words Project" reviewed by Martin Gladu

Sam Sadigursky The Words Project New Amsterdam Records 2007

Musical settings of poetry remain rare in jazz. Pianist Ketil Björnstad's accessible readings of John Donne's metaphysical poems and bassist Steve Swallow's longtime affair with Robert Creeley have replenished the genre to a degree, but few artists have braved the near-stigmatized art form, let alone on their first album as leader. With The Words Project, however, reedman Sam Sadigursky's well tailored musical atmospheres reveal a ...


Jazz and Poetry: The Words Project

Read "Jazz and Poetry: The Words Project" reviewed by AAJ Staff

By Sam Sadigursky When most people think of jazz and poetry coming together, they immediately think of the jazz tradition of poems being read over a musical background, the famous image of the quintessential beatnik (you know, the beret, striped shirt, funky glasses...) fronting a band that plays a cool cool blues behind him. Though limited, this spoken-word tradition has helped to highlight the common ground that exists between jazz and the mostly beat (sometimes freestyle) poetry that ...

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