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Ken Hatfield and Friends: To be Continued...

Read "To be Continued..." reviewed by Elliott Simon

Ken Hatfield is a virtuoso on his chosen instrument, the nylon-stringed classical guitar, and has showcased his abilities in environs including Appalachian, classical and jazz. Comfortable across genres, he and his instrument are well-suited for these Bill McCormick tunes born of multiple influences. This release is an outgrowth of a previous McCormick project, Music for Guitar (mPub, 2003), that featured music for the unaccompanied instrument. This time, pieces are written primarily for jazz ensemble, and if the current title is ...


Tuesdays with Ken Hatfield

Read "Tuesdays with Ken Hatfield" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Ken HatfieldFetch Restaurant New York, NY May 2, 2006 What is fascinating and wonderful for the jazz lover in New York City is that high quality jazz can be found in many unexpected places such as restaurants. While you will not find a Big Band, small acoustic groups abound. One such venue is Fetch on Third Avenue and 92nd Street in Manhattan's Upper East Side. This is a real neighborhood place, ...


Ken Hatfield: String Theory

Read "String Theory" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Ken Hatfield is an extremely complex and multifaceted individual, a philosopher-king, a musically omnivorous hillbilly--and yes, his last name comes from those Hatfields. The music on String Theory fully displays where Hatfield has been in his chronological and musical life. He emphatically refuses to be pinned down by any label, even an amorphous one like “jazz." He's equally at home in the worlds of classical guitar, Brazilian jazz, the blues and straight-ahead jazz (represented by standards ranging from “Emily" to ...


Jazz and the Classical Guitar

Read "Jazz and the Classical Guitar" reviewed by Jim Santella

Ken HatfieldJazz and the Classical Guitar: Theory and ApplicationMel Bay Publications248 pages, softcover, spiralboundISBN: 07866723662005

Intended for serious music students, Ken Hatfield's book discusses harmonic theory in detail and offers the reader a thorough foundation for approaching jazz improvisation; either as a career, or for the pleasure of performing alone or with a group. While the book focuses on acoustic guitar, it's intended for anyone who already knows ...


Rolf Sturm: Shawangunk / Ken Hatfield: String Theory

Read "Rolf Sturm: Shawangunk / Ken Hatfield: String Theory" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Crystal-clear guitar is center stage on these two releases that feature experienced craftsmen artfully exposing the country and classical feel inherent in nylon strings. Ken Hatfield's String Theory is a classical gas dosed with sweet Appalachian honey, while Rolf Sturm's Shawangunk is a deft chordal/melodic encounter that reveals its spirit like a brilliant Hudson Valley morn.

Rolf Sturm Shawangunk Water Street Music 2005 Whether it is the Dead's “Ripple, played at ...


Ken Hatfield: String Theory

Read "String Theory" reviewed by John Kelman

In a departure from previous albums like The Surrealist Table (Arthur Circle Music, 2003), guitarist Ken Hatfield leaves behind his Latin-inflected ensemble work on String Theory. On this strictly solo affair, Hatfield delivers something completely unexpected.

Classical guitar has been Hatfield's mainstay for some time, and his style references many of the trendsetters who have come before--the Latin side of Charlie Byrd, the abstract classical impressionism of Ralph Towner, and the mainstream focus of Lenny Breau. But from the first ...


Ken Hatfield: String Theory

Read "String Theory" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Guitarist Ken Hatfield's Appalachian roots grow close to the surface on his sixth CD, String Theory, a spontaneous-sounding blend of of classical and country moods, with various themes drawn from some of the down-home sayings of Hatfield's 85 year-old father, Sam ("The Gospel According to Sam"), the fictions of Jorge Luis Borges ("Borges & I"), and modern physics on the title tune, a three-part suite for classical guitar and mandolin that sounds like a meeting of Chet Atkins and Ricky ...


The Ken Hatfield Trio: The Surrealist Table

Read "The Surrealist Table" reviewed by Craig W. Hurst

On The Surrealist Table , guitarist and leader Ken Hatfield offers not only a veritable clinic on acoustic jazz guitar, but the combo in general also provides evidence of consummate musicians taking great care in the execution of their craft. The pared-down unadulterated sound of three acoustic instruments weaving an aesthetically pleasing sonic fabric truly is an aural treat and delight to the listener. The production of The Surrealist Table also provides evidence that these musicians value the sounds produced ...


Ken Hatfield: The Economics of Music

Read "Ken Hatfield: The Economics of Music" reviewed by AAJ Staff

By Ken Hatfield For the last quarter century jazz musicians have been increasingly marginalized by the shortsighted bottom line mentality that dominates the music industry. This same shortsighted approach in other industries is currently sending white-collar jobs overseas (to join the many blue-collar jobs that left over the past two decades), but that is merely another manifestation of an economic system that can't see past the next quarter's projected profit statements. This shortsightedness affects the lives of ...


Ken Hatfield Trio: The Surrealist Table

Read "The Surrealist Table" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

I'm a sucker for the sound of a classical guitar in jazz; I'll admit that going in. But within that sound, there are many different styles—some players do their best work in a solo context, while others shine brightest in Brazilian settings. Ken Hatfield is an all-around artist whose compositions are varied as well, as demonstrated in this collection of ten. There are funky, bluesy tunes ("Most Every Day" and the second-line “Funkissimo"), the mischievous ("Ariadne's Thread" and the title ...


Music for Guitar: Ken Hatfield & Bill McCormick

Read "Music for Guitar: Ken Hatfield & Bill McCormick" reviewed by Terrell Kent Holmes

Ken HatfieldThe Surrealist Table Arthur Circle Music Ken Hatfield is among the few jazz guitarists who ply their trade via the nylon string acoustic guitar. His latest release, The Surrealist Table , is an allusive collection of original compositions that showcases his proficiency both at writing interesting material and applying a somewhat unconventional instrument to the jazz idiom. The disc's opener, 'The Chimera', turns the standard jazz tune construction around a ...


Ken Hatfield: Phoenix Rising

Read "Phoenix Rising" reviewed by David Adler

Ken Hatfield continues to defy norms in jazz guitar. First and foremost, he plays a nylon-string classical instrument, keeping alive a sound popularized by Charlie Byrd and also taken up by the likes of Gene Bertoncini, Ralph Towner, Sylvain Luc, and Freddie Bryant. On Phoenix Rising, Hatfield's second full-band disc, he retains the formidable services of saxophonist Billy Drewes and trumpeter Claudio Roditi. The two horn players appear separately, each complementing Hatfield's technically prodigious yet soft-spoken fingerstyle work. Pianist Dom ...

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