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Trevor Watts & Veryan Watson: 5 More Dialogues

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Their conversations, garrulous and engaged in a monumental dissertation about life, emerge from out of a bottomless musical vortex. Such is the power and energy of 5 More Dialogues--the salvoes of arpeggios, from the hands of Veryan Weston, and the breathtaking glissandi, from the breath of Trevor Watts--that the gloom of nothingness into which the music pours that silence is not merely shattered, it is reborn, with angular echoes and ghostly whispers amid the melodious caterwauling of Weston's flying right ...


Trevor Watts / Veryan Weston: 5 More Dialogues

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5 More Dialogues is the successor to 6 Dialogues (Emanem, 2002) and offers more in the way of fascinating elaborations by longtime collaborators, pianist Veryan Weston and saxophonist Trevor Watts, both heralded artisans of the British progressive jazz and improvisational circuit. A mark of invention pervades throughout, as the duo fuses sublime persuasions, inverted theme-building jaunts, and mesmeric passages with fleeting melodies and rhythmical dynamics. Highlighted by a manifold approach to the program, the duo aligns a throng ...


Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston: 5 More Dialogues

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The title 5 More Dialogues indicates that this is a sequel to 6 Dialogues (Emanem, 2002), the album which marked saxophonist Trevor Watts' first free improv recording in about two decades. In the years since the release of 6 Dialogues, Watts and pianist Veryan Weston have become an established improvising duo, although their musical association dates back to 1982, when Weston became a member of Watts' Moiré Music. The length of time they have been collaborating gives their music a ...


Trevor Watts: Live in Karlsruhe, Drum Energy, Mutuality, Live in Sao Paulo, Brasil and Ancestry

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Moire Music Live in Karlsruhe FMR 2007 Trevor Watts Original Drum Orchestra Drum Energy Hi4Heads 2007 Enjambre Acustico Urukungolo Mutuality FMR 2007 Trevor Watts/Jaime Harris Live in Sao Paulo, Brasil Hi4Heads 2006 Trevor Watts/Jaime Harris Ancestry ...


Trevor Watts: Burundi Monday

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American listeners may know Trevor Watts as an accomplished alto/soprano saxophonist, but more likely they will associate him with the British avant-garde. Now in his late sixties, Watts logged a lot of time with blues, rock and traditional jazz bands before joining drummer John Stevens in 1965 to form the Spontaneous Music Ensemble (SME), a collective that provided a launching pad for many visionary British free improvisers--from Watts to Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler, Derek Bailey and Barry ...


The Distance Runner; World Sonic

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Dave Liebman The Distance Runner Hatology 2005

The Distance Runner is a record of expectations, or rather lack thereof. If you're familiar with Liebman's approach to composition and improvisation, you would think that 55 minutes of saxophone solos would sound like a re-recording of late-Coltrane works mixed with early 21st Century classical motifs. Instead we have the surprise of a child-like spontaneity. With every note bend and tone alteration, we can hear Liebman experimenting ...


Trevor Watts: A Life of Musical Integrity

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By Trevor Watts It's always been important for me to follow my muse, whatever that is. It seems to manifest itself in a subconcious need to do something, change something, explore something. Entwined with a feeling of staving off habit, boredom and self satisfaction. The need to explore new avenues for oneself. These new avenues may not be so for others. But I have always been a great believer in discovering for yourself. More fun that way, and ...


Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston: 6 Dialogues

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Saxophonist Trevor Watts’ storied past within Britain’s free-jazz/improvising scene is well documented. While his fellow compatriot, pianist Veryan Weston is among the newer breed of prominent – freethinking - instrumentalists. This outing contains the first sixty-minutes of an eighty-minute studio session. And as we might surmise, the duo provides a comprehensive glimpse of what can happen, when two giants of the improv scene coalesce. The musicians’ intuitive responses and on-the-fly excursions span a wide-ranging spectrum of styles and fabrics of ...


Derek Bailey-John Stevens-Trevor Watts: Dynamics Of The Impromptu

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Imagine three scholars sitting under dim lights at a coffeehouse discussing world politics or social disorder? Dynamics of the Impromptu may imply such a scenario as three of the founding fathers of the British Free-Jazz movement coalesced at London’s “Little Theater Club” in 1973 and 1974. Dynamics of the Impromptu represents previously unreleased material which signifies a flourishing and historical time for this endearing and important era of free-improvised jazz.

Bailey, Stevens and Watts perform 6 improvised pieces titled “Impromptu ...