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The Wood Brothers: The Muse

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The Muse represents a quantum leap for the Wood Brothers as they fully integrate multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jano Rix into the band, a process nurtured with not inconsiderable expertise by producer Buddy Miller. At the same time, the album suggests avenues of exploration for the threesome as they continue their evolution. Rix distinguishes himself immediately here by supplying a bouncy fluent piano foundation to “Wasting My Mind." Interwoven with horns (saxophonist Jim Hoke, trombonist Bill Humber, trumpeter Steve ...


The Wood Brothers: South Burlington, VT, June 4, 2013

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The Wood BrothersShowcase LoungeHigher GroundSouth Burlington, VTJune 4, 2013The distinct progression that's taken place since the Wood Brothers began playing together in 2004 has become an abiding pleasure to watch. Successive concerts evince distinct evolution and, in the latest appearance at this Vermont venue--again as a versatile trio--The Woods continued the slow inexorable movement toward playing like a full-fledged blues-rock band.When (not if!) that day comes, it will not be at ...


The Wood Brothers: Live Volume Two - Nail & Tooth

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The Wood BrothersLive Volume Two: Nail & ToothSouthern Ground2012While the Wood Brothers presented its live album, Sky High (Southern Ground, 2012), as a document of how its music has evolved since it resumed its partnership in 2004, it really didn't depict the progression as clearly as its successor does. As a companion piece Nail & Tooth illustrates how far the duo has come as collaborators, particularly as percussionist/vocalist Jano Rix has become ...


The Wood Brothers: Smoke Ring Halo

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The Wood Brothers began as a quirky duo with musical charm far out of proportion to its numbers. On Smoke Ring Halo the brothers continue as a trio (with plenty of guests),extending their collective virtues further still. The Woods' wry sense of humor comes through as clearly on “Mary Anna" as drummer Tyler Greenwell's forthright beat, itself anchored by Chris Wood's bass. Sibling guitarist Oliver Wood has as light a touch with his rhythm guitar as he does ...


The Wood Brothers: The Wood Brothers: Up Above My Head

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Highlights of The Wood Brothers' live performances invariably include ingenious renditions of choice covers in addition to their own well-wrought originals. So it stands to reason they'd find it perfectly natural to put together this mini-album of outside material by the likes of Beck and Allen Toussaint, among others.

Returning to the strictly two-piece alignment from which they began and upon which they have built on their successive studio work, Up Above My_Head bristles with joyous energy right ...


The Wood Brothers: Loaded

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Like most of Loaded, The Wood Brothers' second album begins and ends with its respective companion pieces, “Lovin' Arms" and “Still Close," moving at a decidedly unhurried pace. The understatement at the heart of their approach distinguishes itself precisely because the sound is so quietly inviting.

Bassist Chris and guitarist Oliver Wood began their collaboration with the informal and deceptively ambitious Ways Not to Lose (Blue Note, 2006). Their second album expands upon its predecessor on ...


The Wood Brothers at Higher Ground: Amble On

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The Wood Brothers Higher Ground Showcase Lounge South Burlington, VT April 30th 2006

The Wood Brothers' CD, Ways Not to Lose, is the definition of understatment, so it may be overstatement to call it one of the best albums so far this year. Nevertheless, when you see these siblings live, you can understand their unassuming charm and find little to fault in their brew of blues, folk and jazz.

Born of a ...


The Wood Brothers: Ways Not to Lose

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As the bassist in Medeski, Martin & Wood, Chris Wood is the group's secret weapon. Until this collaboration with his brother Oliver, where the siblings rediscovered their fascination with blues and folk music after a series of dates under the proverbial radar last year, he hadn't the visibility of his peers, based on collaborations with Warren Haynes and The Word, or other independent projects, like the ones on Martin's Amulet Records.

It's little wonder then that the music from the ...