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Ah, the cinema. We know so many cliches, certain scenes, and can even quote entire passages of movies. Music in film works the same way. As people who are conditioned through a dominantly visual culture, we tend to remember certain themes alongside certain movie scenes. This subject deserves much more attention! Film composers are often underrated and overlooked, even though they must be versed in all styles of music, from jazz to rock, classical to country. Here are just some ...


Terence Blanchard: Magnetic

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One of today's foremost jazz musicians and composers Terence Blanchard's achievements have soared since his formative days in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers to a trajectory of successful bands, recordings and award winning film scores such as 2007's A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina) (Blue Note). He's still pursuing new challenges with the upcoming June 2013 premiere of his first opera-- entitled Champion, “An Opera In Jazz"-- based on the life of world champion boxer Emile Alphonse Griffith. ...


Terence Blanchard: Miles Davis, Four & More

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Terence Blanchard: Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, 30 June 2011 It's Miles Davis Four and More and the reason why it's so special for me [is] because I remember the first time I heard it as a kid. Listening to that live performance blew me way because you know I had been listening to a very different style of trumpet playing and improvisation. Those guys just kept me in a tail spin trying to figure out ...


Terence Blanchard: New York, NY, June 21, 2012

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Terence Blanchard The Jazz Standard New York, NY June 21, 2012Terence Blanchard is an important presence in jazz today on a number of levels. He's one of the most accomplished trumpet players around, consistently showing a great command of the instrument, a distinctive voice, and a highly inventive approach to improvisation. The New Orleans native also plays a high-profile role in jazz education; he's served for more than ten years as artistic director ...


Terence Blanchard: Choices

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Trumpeter/band leader/ film scorer Terence Blanchard is the epitome of an artist who's made good choices. One of the distinct voices in the post-Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis era, he has moved from being a young-lion with seminal players such as Donald Harrison in Black Pearl (Columbia, 1988), to delivering progressive projects such as Flow (Blue Note, 2005) and winning multiple Grammy awards for albums including 2007's A Tale Of God's Will (A Requiem For Katrina) (Blue Note).

Terence Blanchard: Requiem for Katrina

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During a brief period of four years, two events took place that could define how world history will view America during the early part of the 21st century. The first was 9/11 and the other, Hurricane Katrina. But perhaps most surprising from a global point of view, was how powerless America appeared to be in helping its own citizens who were left destitute during the aftermath of Katrina.

How could the United States, the nation who has been ...


Terence Blanchard at Tanglewood Jazz Fest: A Requiem for Katrina

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Tanglewood Jazz Festival Tanglewood Lennox, Massachusetts August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav was one day away from striking the Gulf Coast, with warnings that it might be worse than the devastating hurricane that struck New Orleans in 2005 as Terence Blanchard took his quintet to the stage at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival on Labor Day weekend 2008 at the storied performance facility in Lenox, Massachusetts. He admitted his heart had been heavy on that ...


Jazz Goes to the Movies: Spike Lee and Terence Blanchard at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia

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The Kimmel Center for the Performing ArtsVerizon HallPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 19, 2008This event, unusual for the Mellon Jazz Series at the Kimmel Center, brought together Terence Blanchard and his quintet, several crossover (jazz and pops) vocalists, and a fine pickup orchestra conducted by Michael Pedicin performing Blanchard's music from eight Spike Lee films, with still slides from the movies prominently projected on an overhead screen. Spike Lee himself spoke at the beginning and end of the ...


Terence Blanchard: A Tale Of God's Will (A Requiem For Katrina)

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Music can be inspired by--and reflective of--world events. Still, many artists believe that music should not be explicitly political: “Not the music itself, thank God," said trumpeter Dave Douglas, in a 2004 AAJ interview. “Music exists in its own space, independent of all of--that's why it has such power to uplift and raise us to a better place." When music takes a big stick approach, it often comes across as too navel-gazing and, ultimately, an overstatement that detracts from the ...

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