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Sylvia Brooks: The Arrangement

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Vocalist Sylvia Brooks likes to provide her music a noir patina, that smoky and dark evening tone preferred by the likes of the fictional hard men: Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, and Jeff Markham. On her third recording, The Arrangement, this patina is given a high buff shine into something more contemporary, without losing any of the inherent sexiness of the music and its delivery. The Arrangement is a delicious double entendre on the word “arrangement," juxtaposing the darker side of ...


Sylvia Brooks: Restless

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Part the curtains and turn on the Klieg lights for singer Sylvia Brooks, whose second album, Restless, has the widescreen scope and orchestral sweep of a theatrical production. In fact, the record has the overall feel of a soundtrack for a film yet to be made. However, the kind of Hollywood movie this music recalls is certainly not of modern origin; rather, Brooks is paying homage to the film noir classics of the '40s and '50s. In terms of her ...


Take Five With Sylvia Brooks

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Meet Sylvia Brooks: Recording artist Sylvia Brooks has starred on the stages of many of the country's most respected theatres, performing the gamut from Shakespeare to American drama, to music theatre--to sold out performances. Now Ms. Brooks is taking an entirely different direction, and has just released her first album. For the last two years, she has been involved in a serious collaboration with some of Los Angeles' best musicians. Together, they are bringing new and original ...

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