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Superbrass: Brass Taps

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Superbrass' Brass Taps is all wet. Now, before one misinterprets, an explanation is in order. Roger Argente, Principal bass trombonist with the Royal Philharmonic and his illustrious crew comprised of Britain's finest brass and percussion players are sending up eleven impeccably performed original selections all inspired by and programatically about H2O in one way or another.This intriguing “water-borne" voyage runs the gamut from more classically-tinged interpretations to straight-ahead and improvised jazz. Along that journey we are treated to ...


Superbrass: Under the Spell of Spain

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Duke Ellington is quoted anecdotally as saying there are only two kinds of music--good and bad. It's quite possible that, after experiencing Under the Spell of Spain, there might be yet another category--music magnificently defying description. Rest assured Superbrass' disc is very good; however, while it is not an entirely jazz-focused effort--leaning heavily on the orchestral ensemble style-- Under the Spell of Spain defies any category other than: superb. Comprised of some of the United Kingdom's finest ...