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Jazzkaar 2017

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Jazzkaar 2017 Tallinn, Estonia April 21-30, 2017 Jazzkaar covers most territories. This exceptional 10-day festival presents the best players on the indigenous Estonian scene, imports big-name acts from the USA, and also invites some choice artists from around the rest of Europe. Some shows represent jazz in mainstream mode, whilst others twist towards the innovative. There is also a strong commitment to bands who skirt the edges of rock, pop and electronica, as well ...


Steve Gadd: Consummate Drummer

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It might be easier to list who drummer Steve Gadd hasn't played with since he got a pair of drum sticks at the age of three at his home near jny: Rochester, NY, right up to the age of 70, where this year his tour of duty includes Eric Clapton, James Taylor and his own band. Gadd is one of the great maintainers of the groove and one who can also play his ass off with jazz musicians like Chick ...


Steve Gadd Band: 70 Strong

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Since the 70s, Steve Gadd has pretty much seen it and done it all, and recognized as one of the most influential drummers of the modern era, spanning numerous musical genres. His slippery cross-sticking between the hi-hat and snare drum amid new ways and means to generate a funk groove, along with his famous drum solo on the title track of Steely Dan's 1977 landmark album “Aja," are just a few noteworthy accreditations of a distinguished career. For example, he's ...


Steve Gadd Band: Gadditude

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Drummer Steve Gadd, the man responsible for some of the most memorable grooves and explosive drum solos on record, is often looked at as a perpetual sideman and session giant. Over the past four decades he's laid down the rhythmic law for everybody from Steely Dan to James Taylor and Chick Corea to Paul Simon, but he's been making more time for himself of late; in a three year span, he's managed to deliver four albums that highlight his versatility ...


Chick Corea / Steve Gadd / Christian McBride: Super Trio

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He may be in his mid-sixties, but pianist Chick Corea hasn't slowed down in the least. In the past five years there's been a monumental three-week run at New York's Blue Note, focusing a bright light on acoustic ensembles past and present and beautifully documented on the ten-DVD set Rendezvous in New York (Image Entertainment, 2005). Corea re-formed his powerhouse Elektric Band for an album- -To the Stars (Stretch, 2004)--and tour. He reunited with members of Paco de Lucia's band ...


American Drummers Achievement Award: Honoring Steve Gadd

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Steve Gadd American Drummers Achivement Awards: Honoring Steve Gadd Hudson Music 2004

One would be hard-pressed to find a drummer who has been as widely-recorded and as widely-varied, style-wise, as Steve Gadd. Sure, there are drummers out there who are as readily recognizable - in jazz Elvin Jones, Art Blakey, Tony Williams and Max Roach, to name four, come to mind - but one would be challenged to identify many drummers who have created ...


Michel Petrucciani, Anthony Jackson & Steve Gadd: Trio In Tokyo

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Recorded in 1997, this CD features the late Michel Petrucciani on piano, drummer extraordinaire Steve Gadd and bassist Anthony Jackson in a performance from the Blue Note in Tokyo.

One listen to Trio In Tokyo and it is apparent that this is Petrucciani's group. The diminutive pianist leads while Gadd and Jackson provide a killer rhythm section. Petrucciani, who passed away in January 1999 was a truly gifted player who could bring listeners to tears with his inventive strokes (an ...