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SFJAZZ Collective: Live: SFJAZZ Center 2016 - Music of Miles Davis & Original Compositions

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In the thirteen years since the SFJAZZ Collective first came together in February 2004, this revolving door octet (septet, in 2009) of “cream of the crop" US-based jazz musicians has, most years, followed a consistent modus operandi: select a well-known jazz (and, in two cases, beyond jazz) musician and pay tribute through innovative arrangements of his/her music, alongside a set of new original compositions--in almost every case, one each contributed by every member of the Collective. In the ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Remembering Miles

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The SFJAZZ Collective has been operating since 2004. In the beginning, it may have seemed to some as just another all-star collection of musicians who strut their stuff for a while, then go about their own business. It has shown over time it is much different. The format--eight outstanding musicians banding together to play the music of jazz icons, works hard at what the band was designed for: a leaderless, democratic group where musicians write arrangements that re-imagine ...


SFJAZZ Collective at the Music Box Supper Club

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SF Jazz Collective Music Box Supper Club Cleveland, Ohio April 21, 2017 Since 2004, the ensemble of first-call musicians known as the SF Jazz Collective has represented the Bay Area in local concerts and throughout the world in a unique collaborative effort that since inception has given new life to the term repertory band. Each year the oeuvre of an iconic jazz master is given the SF treatment. This does not mean simply pulling up ...



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SFJAZZ Collective SFJAZZ Center San Francisco, CA October 20, 2016 What would Miles think? It was hard not to wonder as the SFJAZZ Collective, the San Francisco jazz presenter's long-running large ensemble project, kicked off it's 12th season with a program dominated by sometimes dramatically re-imagined versions of Miles Davis tunes. The basic playbook for the Collective has been the same since the beginning: Assemble some of the finest players in ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Live SFJAZZ Center 2013 - The Music of Chick Corea & New Compositions

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Some things change, some things stay the same. After two successive recordings and tours with an identical lineup--a first in its now 10-year history--the SFJAZZ Collective once again undergoes some minor personnel shifts. More important, however, is that Live SFJAZZ Center 2013: The Music of Chick Corea & New Compositions comes a full two years after Live in New York Season 8--Music of Stevie Wonder (SFJAZZ, 2011), the first time that the collective has not devoted itself to the music ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Phoenix, AZ, March 21, 2013

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SFJAZZ CollectiveMusical Instrument MuseumPhoenix, AZMarch 21, 2013The SFJAZZ Collective delivered an intense contemporary-jazz performance that showcased the playing and composing skills of this stellar octet, sponsored since 2004 by the non-profit SFJAZZ.The Collective's ninth annual tour is celebrating the genius of Chick Corea--the sixth keyboardist to be honored by the Collective--in new arrangements of the pianist's works, as well as original compositions, one each from the Collective's eight members. Previous tours have saluted ...


The SFJAZZ Collective: Toronto, Canada, October 15, 2011

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The SF Jazz CollectiveKoerner HallToronto, CanadaOctober 15, 2011 The eight-piece, all-star SFJAZZ Collective rolled into town with its current project, dedicated to the music of Stevie Wonder, its original arrangements reflecting the Collective's personality. Part of a successful group of this magnitude is the talent, respect, and chemistry that helps everyone contribute to the whole. They work as one with the different textures of the rich instrumentation at their disposal.Kendrick Scott's delicate drum ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Ottawa, Canada, October 13, 2011

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SFJAZZ Collective The Music of Stevie Wonder Centrepoint Theatre, Ottawa, Canada October 13, 2011 In its eight-year existence, the SFJAZZ Collective has gone from triumph to triumph, each year choosing a specific artist to honor--past years including pianist Herbie Hancock and saxophonists Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter--and giving each of its eight members the mandate of coming up with a new arrangement and a new composition, making the Collective the best ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Live in New York Season 8 - Music of Stevie Wonder

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SFJAZZ Collective Live in New York Season 8: Music of Stevie Wonder SFJAZZ 2011 One old adage says, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But another says, “Change is good." For the first time in its eight touring seasons, the SFJAZZ Collective has found a way to manage both. This is the first time that the lineup has remained constant from one year to the next, with the 2011 incarnation identical to ...


SFJAZZ Collective: Live 2010: 7th Annual Concert Tour

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Despite a format that's become, by definition, formulaic, the SFJAZZ Collective has managed to defy weary predictability, releasing a new collection, each and every year, which pays a most modern tribute to another of jazz's most iconic figures. Every year since 2004, the Collective's members each select music from the chosen artist's discography, creating arrangements with both respect and a healthy dose of irreverence, in addition to contributing a new piece of original music intended to somehow fit within the ...